6 Reasons Why You Should Get Started on Your Dream House Today!

It is good to have dreams, but at some point you have to take steps to make your dreams come true. Whether it is a big home on a large plot of land, a flat in the middle of London, or a modest cabin on the edge of a nature reserve, now is the time to find your dream home. If you have been dreaming about the home of your future, why not take steps to make your dream a reality?
dream house
1. If you don’t start now, you might never start.         

Sure, it’s easier to sit back and be content with what you have. Maybe you are renting and you are simply complacent, paying the mortgage off for your landlord. The time to start reaching for your dream home is now. You will never be any younger or more motivated than you are today to start the process of getting into your dream home. Start investing in your own future by finding a property you love and making it your own.

2. Mortgage rates are at an all time low.    

Mortgage rates are incredibly low throughout the world and in Australia, rates are as low as 2%. With the expectation that home prices will remain stable and economic growth will occur in 2014, Australia is a great place to find your dream home and make your dreams come true. With the help of 1300 Home Loan you can own the home of you have always wanted. The only place for mortgage rates to go is up and as rates go up, home affordability goes down.

3. It is still a strong buyer’s market.            

Prices are stable throughout the world and buyer’s still have an advantage just about anywhere over home sellers. The markets have enough supply unless you are looking in a city such as London, and with lower mortgage rates homebuyers can purchase homes that were once considered above their means.

4. Foreclosures are still going strong.

Homeowners are still trying to get out of bad mortgages and are unable to keep their large homes. You will be able to get a better home for your money, but not for long. The rate of foreclosures is expected to decrease as the market continues to stabilize and the economy remains in a pattern of growth.

5. Confidence in continued economic growth is high.

No matter how you look at it, economic growth is happening and is expected to continue. We’ve all been living in a period of economic decline for years and the economy is taking a turn for the better. Home prices are low and only expected to rise. Job security is strengthening for employed workers and most experts agree that now is the time to buy for the best return in your investment over the years.

6. DIY Home Restoration and Interior Design Is Easier Than Ever

Whether you are tuned into HGTV or regularly check websites like Fine Home Building, the knowledge is out there on how to do redesign projects and make the changes you want for your dream home. It will save you money, so if you’re holding back because of a few thousand dollars, you can make up the money when it comes to the design aspect of your home.

dream home 1

My personal circumstances have changed dramatically recently – more on this later! – so this is particularly relevant to me at the moment.

Written in collaboration with David Taylor, a finance writer from Leeds, England, who also spends time in Melbourne, Australia.

More Words to Warm a Father’s Heart

It was Jake’s turn to say the magic words that can make this here Daddy very happy.

The Mummy had cooked dinner & I was in the kitchen clearing up, as is my wont.

She & Jake & Ellie were all in the lounge watching TV together.

Suddenly there was the sound of rapidly approaching quick little footsteps…

Then a little voice, shouting

Wait for it…


Yes, they were all watching football. Without me.

And they wanted me to watch it with them!

I was sorely tempted, and as much as I would have loved to accept the gracious invitation as a dutiful Daddy I carried on clearing up after dinner.

I did though get in to the lounge as soon as I could!

To find that they were all now watching Sooty. Apparently the match was very dull.

And anyway my first (sporting) love has always been rugby: I hope to introduce Jake & Ellie to its joys as soon as I can!

So, “Izzy Wizzy let’s get busy!”


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Magic Moments

When they see me they are often madly excited. They run up to me shouting: “DADDY! DADDY! YOU’RE HERE!”.

It’s often difficult to park the car; I have to wait until I can herd them away. They want to touch my hand, greet me.

Jake especially is fond of telling me: “YOU’RE THE BEST DADDY IN THE WORLD!”

He’s quite fond of telling other people too!

More often than not they’ll insist on saying goodnight or goodbye with a big kiss & a big hug.

These indeed are the Magic Moments that make this parenthood thing worth it :)

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How To Keep Young Children Entertained On A Rainy Sunday

This is a sponsored guest post by James Gooding

Let’s face it, all parents have reached that moment over a wet weekend when they just need to get the kids out of the house for a bit and to find something to do that does not involve toys getting spilled all over the living room floor. Younger children, in particular, need to get out even if the weather means that a trip to the park is not practical. Children that are at pre-school or reception classes are usually starting to get used to the weekly routine and Saturdays, as a result, are normally okay from a home-parenting point of view. This is usually because some quality time, spent at home, is welcomed by children at this age. If there is no let up in the weather, however, then by Sunday morning you can be tearing your hair out thinking what to do.

Learner Pools

If your children have not had swimming lessons, then it can be a great idea to get them used to the water – even if it is just for a bit of splashing about. Most swimming pools have learner pools that are designed for pre-schoolers. A Sunday morning trip to your local swimming baths, even if you only do it once in a while, will boost your child’s confidence when it comes to water. It can also make for a valuable lesson in safety around water. If it is raining outside, then getting wet in a learner pool really makes no difference anyway. If your child is nervous of the often noisy atmosphere at a swimming pool full of older kids on the weekend, then it is best to allow them to go at their own pace. Get in the water and encourage them to join you with plenty of smiling and eye contact. A simple toy, like a rubber ball, can help to make it a fun experience, too.

Cinema Treat

A trip to the cinema is something of a treat for most young children. Of course, nearly all kids watch plenty of television these days, including a myriad of old children’s movies that are broadcast. Nonetheless, the latest kids film releases are only to be found at a proper cinema, where the experience of watching with other members of the audience in the dark makes the whole thing more exciting. Bear in mind that Sunday mornings tend to be the best time to go the cinema for age appropriate screenings. Cinema chains, such as Cineworld, have some great offers for family audiences on the weekend. Cineworld currently price kids screening for as little as £1 meaning that, over the course of a 90 minute film, you get a lot of entertainment for your money.

Indoor Play Houses

There has been huge growth of these sorts of centres in recent years in the UK. On rainy days, they tend to get busy so go in the morning rather than waiting for the middle of the day when they tend to get packed out. Most indoor play houses have soft play areas for younger children and even sensory studios designed to assist the learning of babies and toddlers. Kids love immersing themselves in balls and testing their balance on the climbing systems. If you have more than one child, then it is probably best to keep them in the same area so that you can keep an eye on both of them easily. In the largest playhouses of this sort, smaller children can find themselves lost or disorientated occasionally, so it is better to know where they are. Active children can get hot running around in an indoor play environment. Dress them in layers so that they can cool down easily when necessary, but be warm enough when you venture outside once again.

Words to Warm a Father’s Heart

Golden words.

Words every father* longs to hear his little girl say.

4 years.

All of Jake & Ellie’s 4 years, I’ve been waiting to hear these words.

The sort of words that make all the stress, all the hard work, all the sleepless nights, the tantrums, the mess, etc., all of it, all worth it.

Finally it happened: I heard those words, spoken to me by my darling little girl.

Just 4 little words, but 4 little words that changed my world.

Yes! She said:

“I hate Simon Cowell”

Ellie, you wonderful, perceptive, intelligent little girl!

Now, let me just talk to you about a certain Mr. Farage…

* probably

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