Saturday is a Hula-Hoopy Caption Day!


Um, aren’t you supposed to eat these things? At least she’s being creative!

Can I have some captions please? Thanks!

For more captiony opportunities just go to Actually Mummy‘s blog, who’s hosting while Mammasaurus is in Tanzania for Sport Relief & International Women’s Day

Apocalypse Not Now

I can’t remember exactly why I said it.

I think it was about a little reindeer used for crafting that ‘accidentally’ found its way down a plughole then was rescued, wet & a bit dirty.

“It’s not the end of the world”, I’d said. Continue reading


Well, we’ve had an active, busy time over the last week’s half-term break!

That’s partly why I’ve been inactive here & on twitter: busy or out & about during the day, tired by night! I’ve become very good at falling asleep on the sofa in front of TV.

We’ve been out to the country park, soft play, fun farm. playground, gym & swimming pool, as well their usual Saturday morning dance class and just mucking about at home.

Friday though was probably the highlight: a trip out to Folly Farm – an hour & half’s drive, but worth it! We tried to pick the driest & least cold day so they could enjoy some outdoor as well as indoor fun, but the weather again let us down.

Because of that we headed straight for the barn where, after milking the plastic cows, Ellie somewhat nervously said hello to the kids. Continue reading

A Hairy Moment

We were buckling Jake & Ellie in their car-seats. It was wet & windy & I had my coat on with the hood over my head.

The hood doesn’t quite fit – a hasty purchase! – and the wind had blown it off.

“Daddy, your coat has given you Batman hair”, Jake informs me.

I have no idea where this comes from. It’s become 1 of those silly little sayings that families can have, & it means your hair is messy & sticking out at odd angles. As far as I know Batman seems to be quite nicely quaffed under his mask so it’s quite baffling!

“Actually Daddy”, he continues, “you always have Batman hair” (true enough) “but I love you anyway”.

Something of a back-handed compliment, but I’ll take it!

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Wot So Funee?

Top Tips for Travelling in London with a Baby

This is a guest post in collaboration with Kira Browdy

It wouldn’t be surprising if, despite having a hankering for visiting the Big Smoke, you decide to put it off for a while if you have a baby. The sheer thought of travelling to the city with a pushchair and a young baby is enough to drive you to despair, never mind navigating the Tube and pushing a buggy around the crammed-to-bursting roads. However, it needn’t be so daunting. If you fancied staying overnight (after all, there’s far too much to do for one day, and an overnight stay will undoubtedly reduce the stress levels a little), staying at Travelodge can provide you with a pleasant stay, while the family size rooms will ensure that you and your baby have plenty of room in which to relax. As for the other aspects of your stay, here are some great tips to guarantee that you’ll leave the city having had a great time, with your sanity still intact.
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