Alive and Kicking

We’ve just come back from our 33-week scan: only about 3 weeks til Launch Day now! (Gestation is generally about a month less with twins).

Have I mentioned that my wife is pregnant? With twins?

We love the scans: we get to see our babies moving & living. Every time they seem more & more human, separated from us seeing & interacting fully with them just by skin & tissue. Of more practical importance is that the hospital staff are able to take size & weight measurements & give us feedback on their growth.

Well, we’re amazed: they are now 5lb 8oz, & 4lb 12 oz! They’re already above average for singletons, & twins are meant to be smaller! I’m thinking “rugby player(s)” already. They’ve grown enormously in the 2 weeks since our last scan: my dear wife must be doing something right. And hopefully I’m contributing by doing my job of looking after her & preparing for their arrival.

They’ve gained one & one & a half pounds in just 2 weeks: they’re exploding. My wife is almost constantly complaining about feeling sore & bloated & is now having trouble just moving around. No wonder! She decided to go for a marathon waddle in the park on the weekend: I had to go & rescue her when she ran out of steam. Getting out of chairs, putting on tights, bending over has also become difficult.  I’m happy to do anything I can for her, but I’ve made it clear that I am *not* wiping her arse for her: that’s a job for the robot butler.

She’s also being kicked. A lot. And elbowed. And pushed. And scraped. Then there’s the twists & turns, the jostling. Shaun White & his Tomahawk has got nothing on these 2! Every scan seems to have them in different positions. They seem to be using her bladder as a trampoline, her lungs as punchbags. What they’re doing to her perineum we don’t want to know.

Despite the discomfort, indigestion & breathlessness: she loves it. I of course even more so, as I get the benefit without the cost. We’ve recently felt (& possibly heard) them hiccupping. I’ve put my hand on her belly & watched my fingers bump up & down.  She can lie back & watch her belly undulating, like that scene in “Alien” (which of course has an underlying  theme of family & motherhood).  We are already playing with them: if we feel ‘a bit of baby’ sticking out & give it a poke, they’ll poke back. It’s like facebook with skin! Of course they might just be saying “Oi! Stop poking me, you big oaf!”.

One evening last week I decided it would be fun to hold her belly & jiggle it up & down while going “Weeeee!”. The response I got was amazing: they were in a frenzy of movement for several hours afterwards! They seemed to enjoy it, & I know I did, but I don’t think my wife did; &  I probably woke them up. I haven’t done that again.  I’d like to though 🙂

I don’t think there’s any way I could have prepared myself for how this feels. You read & hear about it so I knew the theory, but the feeling of touching my unborn children through my wife’s belly & having them respond to my touch, feeling that we’re playing together, is indescribable: a joy I never could have imagined.  Whatever happens in our futures these are moments that the both of us will remember &  treasure for the rest of our lives.

title courtesy of Simple Minds


5 thoughts on “Alive and Kicking”

  1. So lovely Reading that – it brought back so many memories. I do sympathise with her having TWO trampolenists in there though! Can’t believe how big they are – Holly was only 6lb 7oz at 42 weeks! Do you know their sexes? Joyous time for you – relish it. Also relish your sleep! Love to you both x

  2. Aww reading your blog post made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Ever since I’ve had children myself, stories about pregnancies and babies always move me. Think all the pregnancy hormones have damaged me for life and made a tough independent woman all soppy! 🙂
    Having children is the most amazing thing you can do. It sounds like a cheesy cliché but it makes perfect sense as soon as you become a parent.
    Lovely to hear you’re already enjoying every moment. Try to catch up on as much sleep as possible before the arrivals, although it must be difficult for your wife to get quality sleep with two wriggly babies 🙂
    Wishing you all the best!

  3. Thanks, both of you 🙂 We have 1 of each, a boy & a girl: about which we’re delighted – instant family!

    I think we’ve both definately become a bit more ‘soppy’ & less cynical through this. This ‘cliche’ is a common experience, but it’s so amazing that it bears repeating, & can’t be fully appreciated until experienced.

    It’s a shame more men can’t appreciate it as much as women seem to – or at least admit to it. I think that’s changing, which is 1 of the reasons I’m doing this & am trying to be as honest & open as I can. It’s mostly though just for the joy of just sharing this incredible, life-changing experience.

    The sleep deprivation could be difficult, but hopefully we’re as ready as we can be. Thanks for the advice x

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