The Gallery: Motherhood

This is my belated, & first, entry for Tara Cain’s Gallery at her excellent Sticky Fingers blog, on the (last week’s – ahem) theme of  ‘Motherhood’

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The picture, as you might have guessed, is of my wife with our 3-month-old twin babies.

One might think of her as a high-flying career woman, & in many ways she is.

Given that though all the time I’ve known her greatest desire was for a family. After so many years of trying: to end up with twins, a boy & a girl, is a dream come true.

I was always ambivalent about it, wanting kids because she did, & it’s amazed me how much I’ve been happy to sacrifice for them, & how much I love the adorable little buggers.

I always thought she would too , I just didn’t anticipate how much, & neither did she.

She would happily spend all  day & night with them if she could, & often has. She just couldn’t love them more.

We’ve sure had our ups & downs, but in my opinion this is a picture of pretty much the perfect mother.




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