Yesterday Once More?

Warning: contains spoilers

I watched the first episode of the new series of Peep Show today. As usual it was very funny: set in a hospital, Mark has been reluctantly roped in to being the ‘birth companion’ to his ex-fiance. Which, despite both of them wishing it was someone  – anyone – else, is probably fair enough: he is after all the father.

Along the way Mark gets a call that his boiler has exploded & Jeremy –  along for moral support / as he has nothing better to do  – ‘gallantly’ takes care of it. Which of course always means just one thing: he calls Super-Hans.

Despite his best efforts at running away, Mark is actually present when the child, a boy,  is born. And finds himself overwhelmed when holding his son for the first time – while at the same time being told that his boiler’s been fixed.

OK, I know this is a comedy. The 2 main characters are pathetic losers, bumbling their way through life & managing to pretty much mess up everything they touch through sheer stupidity.

But when Mark cut the umbilical cord then held his son for the first time, clearly moved,  I couldn’t help but remember, so so vividly, 9 months ago when I first held Jake, skin-to-skin, in the delivery room. He must have felt comfortable with me: he stopped crying, then pissed on me. Mark’s words as, in a daze,  he held his newborn son for the first time? “Minimal water damage…”.

I have to confess,  I got a little emotional.

Sometimes profundity can be found in the strangest places…

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4 thoughts on “Yesterday Once More?”

  1. That photo is just about the best thing I’ve seen all day. The more I look at it, the closer I get to shedding a little tear. Which kind of ties in with the rest of your post – since becoming a parent, I’m sure I cry a lot more than I used to. Have you seen Toy Story 3 yet? Bring the tissues is all I’m saying. And, actually, I also cried at X Factor tonight, when Matt’s Dad was crying… everything lately I think “if that was my kids…” and I just well up!

  2. That’s a great story – it’s amazing how things that used to pass you by suddenly have a real emotional impact after you’ve become a father. There was a similar scene at the end of an episode of Coupling, where one of the guys witnesses the birth of his son and is totally unmoved, until his boy opens his eyes and looks at him…

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