The Lady & the Twit: My New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve. Jake was asleep upstairs with his Mum, but Ellie was restless. At first I resented being deprived of my annual date with Jools Holland, such a lovely man, such great company. I still aspire to play the piano even just a little bit the way he does.

With my eye on the clock as it veered towards midnight, I was wondering if my restless daughter would deprive me of the Hootenanny moment when the clock struck midnight.

Then I realised how dumb I was. I was being anxious about not seeing in a new decade alone with just the TV for company! It was one of those “Does the word ‘Duh’ mean anything to you?” moments.

I couldn’t want for better company. She wasn’t crying, nor unhappy. She just wasn’t sleeping.

So for 2011 we looked outside at all the fantastic local firework displays & I opened the window a little bit so we could hear them too. She loved it & so did I. She was fascinated: looking this way & that as each spectacular display was let off.

I realised that far from being deprived I was actually a very lucky man to be able to see in the new decade in the company of such a lovely little lady, the Lady Eleanor. I mean, how can I resist this face?:
An old New Year’s Eve tradition seems to have been replaced with a new one. And I’m not entirely unhappy about that.  Maybe in years to come the twins will want to watch Jools’ Hootenanny with me? I hope so.

So how was your New Year’s? Did you party like it’s 1999, see it in quietly or just go to bed with a nice cup of tea & a biscuit? Were you as big a twit as I (nearly) was, or did you manage to ‘count your blessings’?

However you saw the new year in, or not, may your 2011 be even better than your 2010.


4 thoughts on “The Lady & the Twit: My New Year’s Eve”

  1. I wrote about my new year with a sore head and got the year wrong! However the girls woke up to the fireworks and we took them outside too, they were also amazed at the Chinese Lantern set off by a friend and are still mentioning the fire in the sky.
    Lovely way to see in the new year, hope it brings much joy

    1. Got the year wrong? Funny! It’s a great way to see in the New Year isn’t it? There were lots of Chinese Lanterns here too; I didn’t realise what they were at 1st, I thought they might be aircraft to start with!

      I hope you all have a great year as well 🙂

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