Co-operating in your Community

I’ve recently joined the management committee of a local Community Hub. It’s a fantastic project which is renovating a derelict council property in a central location & turning it into facility for a variety of services directed at children, young people & families. Not only am I offering what little skills & time I may have, but I also hope to make use of it myself as it looks to be an excellent resource for people like us: parents with young children.

There’s clearly a gap here that isn’t currently being filled by existing services for families, whether provided by local government or charities. I was especially surprised to find that there is currently no Pupil Referral Unit here, 1 of the many services we hope to offer.

It’s a great project & one that I’m very excited to be involved with. All necessary funding is provisionally in place, but 2 final financiers have to yet to finally confirm their commitment. The project depends on all funding being confirmed within about 2 months & so could yet fall through, leaving us to have to quickly find alternative sources.

That’s why I was really pleased to be asked to publicise an appeal for community projects in need of funding on behalf of the Co-operative Community Fund. It’s exactly this sort of project that they are looking to provide grants for, & I’ll be mentioning it at our next meeting.

It’s funded by Co-operative members donating some of their share of profits, & has already helped thousands of groups throughout the U.K with grants of £1.2 million..

To qualify for a grant a group must be doing positive work for their local community, but does not have to be a registered charity. They must undertake projects that address a community issue, providing a lasting benefit, support co-operative values & principles, & preferably show some innovation.

To apply for a grant  just click the relevant link below.

In these times of cut-backs this looks like a great opportunity for anyone looking to help out in their local community &, in my  opinion, the Co-operative should be applauded for this.

Cooperative Membership Fund

Cooperative Membership Fund

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