The Gallery: Body Parts

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the looks of confusion, fascination &, yes, horror on Jallie’s* faces when I took off my glasses & put them on their Mummy.

“But – but… he’s taken off a bit of HIS FACE!!! AND PUT  IT ON MUMMY!! MUMMY’S GOT SOME OF DADDY’S FACE ON HER!! W.T.F.?!!!” (That is how they talk; I’ve become fluent in ‘Baby’).

Looking rapidly from one to the other, they just couldn’t work it out.

It was hilarious!

I’m not sure what they make of them now; maybe it’s “Daddy’s face but not Daddy’s face”. I do know that every time they come within range the first thing they do is try to grab them: “I got a bit of Daddy’s face!”. I wouldn’t mind but it means I can’t read anything – including blogs & we can’t have that can we?! –  & getting their grubby fingerprints &,  yes, slobber off them afterwards is a bit of a hassle.

Whatever, Jake seems fairly pleased with himself for getting his new Crown: a piece of Daddy’s face!

* For those at the back: Jallie =  Jake + Ellie 🙂

For Tara Cain’s Gallery at Sticky Fingers


21 thoughts on “The Gallery: Body Parts”

    1. Thanks! It must be confusing for them to try to place exactly what they are.I think babies are probably just very good at taking things around them on trust, without needing to understand them. Taking them ‘at face value’ you could say (sorry…) 🙂

  1. Monkey used to cry as a baby when Granddad put his glasses on instead of contacts. He did that every time he saw men in glasses for a while.

    Cute picture!

  2. Brilliant, I love the photo and the words. You know I wear glasses as does my Better Half and this morning in the pouring rain Bessie HAD to go to Twins Club in her sunglasses with Alice moaning as we couldn’t find hers…

  3. Babies always have a fascination with glasses, don’t they? Usually snatching them off, faster than the speed of light!

    Lovely blog, & thanks for stopping by at my place on more than one occasion. Your bio made me laugh too. Reminded me of one of the Fast Show sketches, were a woman was stirring a pot of something on the stove, husband comes home and says mmm, you smell nice, new perfume? She replies, no, gin!

    1. They do – they make a grab for visitors’ ones as well quite often too.

      Thanks, I appreciate that. It’s my pleasure: I’ve just started seeing your photos through Silent Sunday, they’re amazing.

      it is a bit like that isn’t it? I’d forgotten that. Let’s hope I don’t turn into the Competitive Dad, eh? 🙂

  4. It’s great using the Gallery to find new blogs and have a good old nosey at their babies! Thanks for popping over to mine.
    We are a family of spec-wearers in our house: our boy wears them too and, surprisingly, as he is a teenager, he looks after them far better than I do.

  5. Haha, love this! Glasses are endlessly fascinating to babies, I think – my baby loves reaching out for mine, and my 2 year old came up to me the other day, lifted them up and said “eyes”, then dropped them back in place: “glasses”. A new game – “glasses, eyes, glasses, eyes…”

    Beware though – my old pair were missing a cm off the end of the leg where the baby squashed and snapped them!

    1. Thanks! they do seem to be, don;t they? He seemed to invent a new game this evening too – while I was trying to get him to sleep, of course… I wouldn’t be suprprised if we eventually do that 1 as well.

      Yeah, thanks for the warning: I am worried about that. They get stronger every day; these glasses aren’t cheap & I only have 1 pair :O

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