Dear So & So: Coughing, Rubbish, Dirt, Yelling & Kicking. With Cupcakes

Dear Jake

I hate you coughing at night: please get better. You & your sister are welcome to sleep with Mummy & Daddy any time you like if it makes you feel better.

Love, Daddy (& Mummy)


Dear ‘family who stayed with us this week’:

Thank you for your company, & for your help with the babies, & for your cooking & cleaning. But especially for the cupcakes.

Love, grateful me


Dear Birmingham Council

Well done for finally collecting our rubbish. Although I do like to think it was because I yelled at you & threatened all sorts of legal action.

Now: the recycling?

Slightly less smelly me


Dear neighbours’ contractors

Well done for finally filling in the ditch you dug in my front garden. Although I think it was because I yelled at you &… well, you get the idea.

And you were so smegging polite I couldn’t even be mad at you

Relieved me


Dear Hospital

Still waiting for a date for my Op. Looks like my yelling at you wasn’t enough. Playing hardball eh? Well I feel a strongly worded letter coming on! So there!

Still sore me


Dear babies

Thanks for not kicking me in the bollocks recently

Slightly less sore me

Dear So and So...


8 thoughts on “Dear So & So: Coughing, Rubbish, Dirt, Yelling & Kicking. With Cupcakes”

    1. Annoying! I hope it’s not too serious!

      I wish they’d even given me that excuse. My lot are just incompetant. I will though. Do you want me to yell & threaten leagal action as well?

      1. I love finding new blogs and seeing what other blog hops people do.I’ll note this one.Hope your kids refrain from kicking you in the bollocks.

  1. Funny, I have most of these same stress points in my life too…except for the bollocks thing of course, but I do witness it often around our place with deepest sympathy. Good thing there’s cupcakes to make the world a better place.

    1. I’ve been surprised at how many people seem to have similar problems to me – 1 of the beauties of blogging & social media I guess! Thanks for the sympathy. What would we do without cupcakes! Except our supply seems to have been exhausted 😦

  2. Sad, though that so little seems to change until someone has a strop…wouldn’t it be lovely if we didn’t have to go there!?

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