Further Proof That Parenthood is a Form of Insanity?

Now that the new year is established & life is getting back to something approaching normality we’re looking at activities for the twins.

Last year they went to Baby Sensory, a rather naff music group, swimming (until the weather turned nasty), & fortnightly Twins Club.

This year we’re planning to take them out to something – hopefully fun – at least every weekday. Baby Sensory starts again this week, we’ll get them swimming again (they love it), we’re starting them at Gym Babes, we’ve already missed the first Twins Club (we didn’t get the email, somehow) & on the non Twins Club days we’ll pop over to Stay & Play at the local children’s centre. Apparently it’s a Labour government initiative; I didn’t even know about it until recently, forcing me to admit that maybe Gordon got some things right. (Anyone who’d seen some of my pre-election rants may have realised that I really didn’t like the guy…).

But the piece de resistance, the creme de la creme is, (drum roll please): going to Tesco! Yay…! (Yes, you have my permission to say “W.T.F.?!”).

"We're in a trolley, in a supermarket carpark: it just doesn't get any better than this!"

It was their first time shopping with us in a supermarket: they loved it. They seemed to love being chauffeur-driven around, they always love being around other people, there were a lot of other families with babies & children there, lots of new things to look at, new places to see.

We had lunch in the cafe: we weren’t too impressed with the food or the service, but they had lots of comfy high chairs: again they seemed to really enjoy themselves. Although next time we’re going to the Costa they have there…

I used to loathe going to a busy supermarket, but AJ (After Jallie)  – as with so many other things in my life – that phobia has largely gone. I actually enjoyed going to that often awful place doing the smegging weekly shopping with the little guys. Mostly, that is.

At 1 point I went off to get  “wholemeal pitta bread & some organic avocadoes”; I was all the time thinking “Could we possibly get more middle-class?!” (The answer of course is “Yes: by getting the same stuff in Waitrose“…).

So that’s my weekly routine sorted then, for the time being. What’s yours?


6 thoughts on “Further Proof That Parenthood is a Form of Insanity?”

  1. Yes, the weekly supermarket visit has a regular weekly slot here too, and it only gets better – just wait until they can shout “banana” at full volume all the way down the fruit and veg aisle… and then there’s pulling whole trays of shampoo off the shelves – now that’s what I call supermarket fun.

  2. Brilliant, our girls love a supermarket too but now they want to walk like ‘Big Girls’ which makes the outing a little longer and tiring 🙂
    Have you got a Talking Tots in your area? Our girls are loving that and the beauty of the session is siblings go free! Games, songs, stories and learning to wait your turn, wait for the word ‘Go!’ and to listen more importantly. Excellent fun – we’re off right now

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