The Great Escape

So crank up the volume, feel free to whistle, refresh the screen to restart the show, & enjoy

‘Jallie’s Great Escape’.


This is a follow-up really to my last update Viva La Difference: I Get Around about how the twins have developed so differently & individually, in this case to do with their mobility.

Well Jake definitely seems to be the leader of this little gang: not only is he now crawling, standing & climbing as well as Ellie  – but he’s now become very good at opening doors.

We live in a house with ‘character’: which is Estate Agent-speak  for “old”. (I couldn’t help but smile when I saw Mañana Mama’s ‘Dear So & So’ to Estate Agents). This means, among many other things, that some of the doors don’t shut fully. Including in the lounge, which is now the twins’ downstairs playroom (trans.: where we can watch them while we get to watch some TV…).  It’s not healthy for them to be in the upstairs nursery all the time they’re inside anyway, even though their cots & changing table are there or in adjacent rooms.

A baby figuring out how to crawl can get them very excited, & ours are no different. Suddenly a whole new world has become available to them: & they want to see it all, & NOW! So when they see a door with “something unknown” just visible behind it, trying to get there seems to become an irresistible urge.

He’s honed his technique, but basically it involves grabbing the edge of the door until it moves. If he finds he’s in the way he has the nous to move himself & try again until – TADA! – he can crawl through.

I originally had in mind to have 1 of these photos for Mocha Beanie Mummy’s Silent Sunday, but then I realised it should be anything but silent. In fact I think it’s pretty much required to listen to this (Spotify), or on Grooveshark while watching.

So crank up the volume, feel free to whistle, refresh the screen to restart the show, & enjoy

Jallie’s Great Escape’.

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In case you’re wondering why the floorboards are in such a state, the story (in part) is here

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