Some Babies Are Bigger Than Others

We went to our first Baby Sensory of the new term today: it was a slightly surreal experience.

Last term we weren’t able to go to the one closest to us, this term we are: walking distance, so we can take the buggy & lose all the hassle of driving & car-seats. Also, it was a taster session so there were lots of parents who’d never been to one before (including another Dad – yay!).

Probably as a result most of the babies there were very young: y’know, the really small ones who can only lie on their backs & look very cute, sometimes smiling sweetly. Before they cry / fall asleep / soil themselves /all 3.

The weird thing is: that’s how ours were when they did their taster session last term. It seems like yesterday! And yet it seems a world away now.

It was really strange seeing ours as some of the oldest & biggest there, amidst all those tiny little babies. They’re so mobile now that a lot of the exercises, obviously being mostly aimed at the little ones, where a bit beneath them. They were a little bored! They just wanted to jump & crawl about & explore & play.Which they get to do at halftime, by the way: there are loads of great toys there.

Seeing them so active, animated & yes, noisy (in a happy way, mostly), amongst all those tiny little immobile babies, just lying there on their backs trying to make sense of it all, of anything, was quite the reality check.

There was a row of three babies of around 7-9 weeks in front of Jake & me: all lying facing the same way, all with their heads turned towards us staring sweetly & intently at this strange big baby noisily bouncing up & down. It would have made a fantastic photo, but I was a bit loath to ask.

It was a bit like when you start High  / Secondary School at the bottom rung: “Turds” (for ‘third’ former) as they were affectionately known in my school days. Getting told to pull your socks up if they’re down, or down if they’re up etc.  Then you suddenly wake up to find yourself in the 6th or 7th form & realise you’re at the top of the pile. So of course you go around persecuting Turds, telling them to pull their socks – you get the idea.Not that I’m suggesting that our little angels do that, of course. They play Nice 🙂

Ellie especially has spent a lot of today standing up unsupported & unaided for increasing lengths of time, before she falls on her bottom. It won’t be long before they’re walking – and then the fun really starts! Or so I’m told…

They’re growing up – fast!

Daddy! We're holding up the wall!!



7 thoughts on “Some Babies Are Bigger Than Others”

  1. It is truly amazing how quickly it seems to go. For a good reminder, on the monkey’s birthday’s, we watch the video of their first few days. They never tire of seeing themselves as babies!

  2. Gorgeous picture. Love how they almost mirror each other’s pose – do twins do a lot of that?
    Thanks for your comment about play at mine, it’s the simple things they enjoy most isn’t it.
    Baby sensory sounds fun.

    1. Thanks. They have quite individual presonalities, but probably do it more than I realise. I love it when I’m able to get a photo of it.

      It often is: we’ve had loads of fun with that big bit of cardboard they’re ‘holding up’, for instance. And yeah: Baby Sensory is great fun; different every week too.

  3. I can really relate to this, I think our babies are the same age and I am loving this new stage of mobility and noisiness and curiosity! Then I look back at the newborn pictures and I have no idea where the last 9 1/2 months went, and where this giant noisy creature came from, who is intent on destroying our living room! I also have taken to stalking tiny newborns round supermarkets. This is not good.

    PS, that picture is too cute!

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