To be honest, I’m a little worried about the babies…

For a start, Ellie seems to have developed laser vision. I’ve suspected it for a while, actually: she has Super-Powers! Now, where did I put that Kryptonite?


And where did she learn to do Shakespearian acting?!

“Alas, poor Yoghurt; I knew him…”

“What a piece of work is a biscuit…”

And as for Jake: apparently he’s a Zombie! The world’s cutest Zombie, maybe, but a Zombie nonetheless!


That would at least explain his voraciously wolfing down the liver* I fed him last night; he always has had a very good appetite…

And now he seems to fancy that he’s some sort of King on a Throne!

“Bring me more liver!”

And if that wasn’t bad enough they’re clearly conspiring against us:

Psst! You know that Daddy bloke, right? Well…”

So we’ve got a super-powered classically-trained actor with laser vision & the King of the Baby Zombies plotting against us?

Now I really am worried!

* I cooked Lamb’s Fry (fried New Zealand lamb’s liver, a delicacy from my youth) last night, & offered some to Jallie.  Jake gobbled it up, but Ellie wasn’t so keen.


7 thoughts on “To be honest, I’m a little worried about the babies…”

  1. Ha ha your lovely pics really take me back to the days of rosy cheeks, dribbles and living in babygros! Think I’ll have a look at mine to remember them zzzzz

    p.s. you think they’re consipiring now? Wait ’til they are four hee hee…just sayin.

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