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Jake & Ellie’s DIY Project: Shapes

Tara’s Gallery theme this week over at Sticky Fingers is “Shapes”. And what a great theme it is!

OK, so this week I’m cheating. A bit. OK: quite a bit. It’s hard, though, right? To just choose 1 photo when there are so many to choose from? And I’ve been really good lately! Mainly.

I did have in mind to have just a single photo too, but when I saw the photos I had (all taken today, by the way) I just knew I had to do something a bit different.

Hopefully you’ll see why…

"OK Jake, Daddy's given us this DIY Project to do: Shapes. Now, I've got the Manual, so are you paying attention?"

"Right. Now, let's see..." "Well, let's have a look then!"

"Hehehe - I found Daddy's shoe!"

"I'm getting the other one!"


"You, you...took my book!" "Yes, you weren't taking it seriously. I'll take it from here. You just sit there & play with the ... thing""


"And what are you looking at, Daddy?! She was trying to steal your shoe!"

"No, Daddy, I don't need your help! Go away - I can do this by myself!!"

"I think..."

"Right, now, let's see..." "Ummm, Jake..."


"Right - WHAT?!" "Um, Jake - the book's upside-down...."

"Oh, yeah.... I knew that. Look: just go away, smarty-pants!"


"Right, let's see: 'Insert shape B into hole A'..."

",,,and take shape C..."

Some time later….

"Yay!! I've worked it out!"

"Now where did I put that Allen key?"

"Where's the Allen key, Daddy?" "Hehe - I've got Daddy's pen..."

"Nope! I'm not doing any more until you find my Allen key..."


"And your stupid book's got a hole in it, Daddy..."

"And you! You made me look stupid: you're gonna get it! RAWRR!!"

Oh well; at least they tried…

Why not have at look at all other entries on Shapes in this week’s Gallery: it never fails to disappoint.



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