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Jallie vs Jelly

I can’t believe it’s finally happened!

We seem to have actually found food that Jake won’t eat!

I’m in shock.

And ironically: it’s jelly.

Apparently he doesn’t trust the way it moves.

Ellie on the other hand – usually the fussier one – likes it.

P.S.: do you like their new ‘bibs’? We do: they’re plastic & easy to clean! Jake’s a cowboy; I’m not sure what Ellie is.



6 thoughts on “Jallie vs Jelly

  1. Jake could have something there. There’s definitely something funny about jelly. I used to know a little girl about the twins age who didn’t eat jelly but she did enjoy squeezing it through her fingers.

  2. Love the bibs! My two go through jelly phases…or it’s in or it’s out and I never know before it’s served, they like to throw it on me (not literally) at the last minute. sweet things eh?

  3. I love his ‘Woody’ coverall! I have just bought one for JC as I am fed up changing his clothes 3x a day. I’m with him on the Jelly, I won’t eat it either! Loving your blog, I’ve been having a nosy, thanks for visiting mine.

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