The Gallery: 24, A Day in the Life

Images from a day in the life of JallieDaddy & Jallie:


Images from a day in the life of JallieDaddy & Jallie:

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After this we settled them into their cots. I had Jake & the poor guy took 40 minutes to calm down: he’s a bit bunged up with a cold. Then dinner & a bit of TV (“Episodes”, since you ask), then clearing up in the kitchen / diner. Then at 9.30, just as I was settling down to blogging,ย  poor little Ellie woke up crying. She also has a snuffly nose. So I went to bed early & took her in with me, & the last of the Karvol. She didn’t settle for another 2 hours, poor thing. Although after that she slept ‘like a baby’ – till 5.40 am.

Which is why I didn’t get this post done last night!

Welcome to my world.

I’m looking forward now to seeing a bit of yours.

Why not have at look at the other entries in this week’s Gallery: it never fails to disappoint.

24 thoughts on “The Gallery: 24, A Day in the Life”

  1. Always thought the phrase “slept like a baby” was so funny . The person who first said it could not of had children.
    Loved the little slideshow , looks like the kids are always on the go .

  2. Sorry to hear they’ve got colds – it’s the pits isn’t it? We’re getting through nasty coughs at mo and tons of Karvol too. Love The MOiderer’s idea tho, might give it a try tonight.
    HOpe they get well soon

  3. I have a toddler who snores her head off, and a baby who snorts, and snuffles all night long. So while they’re both ‘sleeping like babies’ I’m bloody well kept awake by their barnyard noises!! Luckily they’re so darn cute that I can forgive them the chronic sleep deprivation. Your two are just gorg. Do they sleep together, or in separate cots???

    1. Thanks, we feel the same: they’re great company when they;re awake (mostly)! They have separate cots & in deparate rooms, but they they wake up during the night so they’ll end up in bed with us. Thanks for commenting ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Wow! Looks like a challenge but loads of fun. Seeing this made me think I will never get to the end of a day with my kids again and think we didn’t do much! What a great idea to do a slide show, it will be great for them, and you, to look back on.

    1. Thanks! I was toying with the idea of not posting to this week’s Gallery as I thought my day was just too dull.; but when you put it all togther like this you realise there’s more to it than you realise: thanks Tara!

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