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It’s About That Time Isn’t It?

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We’re about 6 weeks into the new year, the middle of February. Most of us are back at work or whatever our usual daily grind routine is. Long behind us now are thoughts of presents & stockings*, jolly fat bearded men dressed in red**, tinsel, baubles, decorated trees, reindeer, wall-to-wall chocolate, competing with the neighbours to be the first house to simultaneously drain the National Grid & be seen from Space, fighting with drunk Aunties who insist of cheating at Cluedo (I mean really: who cheats at Cluedo?!)***, & dreams of a White Christmas.

Life for most of us has pretty much returned to normal after the mad excitement (or otherwise) of the holiday season.  Plenty of time.

When / if we think about it some of us may be pleased & annoying, others of us disappointed & annoyed.

What am I on about? New years’ resolutions!

By now I reckon those of us who made any will have figured out if we’ve been able to keep them or not.

I, as I often do, found myself doing it backwards****. I didn’t resolve to do anything differently, but found myself doing things differently anyway & kind of realised I was acting out my non-resolutions. I then wrote about them, as you do.

So how am I doing?, I hear you cry.

I’m still not active on twitter, apart from posting links to blogs (yes, mostly mine). TICK

I’m using facebook more. Although not much more. And the main family members I have who are there just don’t use it that much! HALF TICK

Blogging. Most of any spare time I’ve had to myself this year has been spent blogging. I’ve found, read  & subscribed to loads of great blogs.  I’ve taken part, both in posting & reading / commenting, in great linky blog-hops like The Gallery & Silent Sunday. I’ve Gok Wanned my blog, & learnt a few tricks of the trade. Although the main reason I blog is for my own enjoyment, it’s nice to know that others appear to enjoy it too, & my posts have had many more views & comments than last year, & more subscribers. (Thank you). I managed nearly a post a day in January, although I wasn’t aiming for that. I think then that that’s a TICK

I’ve realised though that I simply can’t maintain this pace! I’m pretty sure that in 1 weekend I read & commented on every single post in that week’s Gallery & Silent Sunday. Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been commenting on blog posts from a week ago & longer: that’s because I’ve fallen behind in the blogs that I subscribe to, & I do like to read every one. And that’s just the email subs, I’ve hardly looked at my Yahoo Reader! (I vastly prefer subs by email, by the way; if the option is there I take it. I find RSS annoying by comparison). Also: I’m tired. And there are some signs of writer’s block. And I have a sore arm. And… (internal censor: Shut Up!)

The upshot: something’s gotta give. I can’t stand to be anywhere near my TV in case I glimpse its “Why are you neglecting me; I thought you were my friend?!” accusatory stare. And I miss playing Guild Wars.

I will definitely Carry On Blogging though, just maybe not as fervently.

So, all in all, I reckon I get a ‘B’ for my early-year non-resolution-keeping exam.

And you, dear reader…?

* Well, except it was Valentine’s day yesterday…

** ditto…

*** Sorry, getting a bit too personalised there

**** Well, it was – oh, never mind


6 thoughts on “It’s About That Time Isn’t It?

  1. It’ll take over your life if you let it. I can’t remember the last time I just sat and watched telly. I’m forever reading other blogs, commenting or setting up something on mine. It’s great to maintain the community but yeah, sometimes something’s gotta give.

    I think whenever you have something to say, people will come back and read.

    • Well we did invent it; it’s not our fault the Americans changed its name! It’s Clue + Ludo (which is Latin for ‘I play’). See: I do read my own links! And your joke on TV? Oh, go on!

  2. There’s little I watch on telly nowadays, I prefer to watch films (have just got a Boxee Box and am ripping the DVD collection too!) but generally I think I like creating more than consuming. Unless I’m too knackered, then I’ll have the telly on in the background while fiddling around with Football Manager on my iPhone 🙂

    I wondered why you’d vanished off twitter, must have missed the new years resolution post!

    • I’d never heard of the Boxee Box: it looks brilliant! Not before time too. I’m a fan of sci-fi, sports, music, & comedy so I love shows like Stargate, Match of the Day, rugby internationals, Later with Jools & Never Mind the Buzzcocks, etc. etc.: so there’s always a more to watch than I have time for!

      A lot of people seemed to have missed that post; glad I could get another chance to clarify.

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