The Gallery: Togetherness

This picture is a screen grab from a video I took of the best playing together I’d seen Jake & Ellie do to date.


‘Togetherness’: that’s the theme this week set for us by the terrific Tara ‘Sticky Fingers‘ Cain for her Gallery.

This picture is a screen grab from a video I took of the best playing together I’d seen Jake & Ellie do to date. For about 5 minutes Jake was putting his face up against the mesh, pulling faces at Ellie, & in response she was putting her face up against his, touching his face, pushing her face against the mesh, etc. They were both giggling hysterically. I just sat there with the camera hoping I wouldn’t distract them & that they’d carry on. It was wonderful.

Since then, as they grow & develop, they’ve played together more & more. Often it’s initiated by us (for instance the ‘blanket game’ that I included in my post for last week’s Gallery), but it’s becoming increasingly spontaneous. Recently they’ve really enjoyed what I can only presume is a baby form of Greco-Roman wrestling, taking it in turns to lie down while the other rolls on top of them. They seem to especially like this when we give them their ‘nudie time’ before their bedtime baths; they seem to like that ‘skin feeling’.

It’s fantastic to see them playing together so much & loving each others’ company like this, & I really hope that this relationship continues & grows.

Why not head over to the Gallery for more Togetherness (click the pic):

17 thoughts on “The Gallery: Togetherness”

  1. That is a great game and we call that wrestling one BUNDLE!!!!! The girls think it’s hysterical and bundle anyone lying on the floor – so be warned if you’re ever in this neck of the woods πŸ™‚

    1. “BUNDLE!!!!!” – I like that! Thanks for the warning! Lying on the floor here is asking for trouble too – we call it “twin attack”. We’ll get jumped on if we’re lucky, or double slapped or poked where it hurts if we’re not! All meant playfully, of course πŸ™‚

  2. This really made me smile! Cannot wait for Esther and William to be more like this. They are just starting to interact but I think playing together is still a way off. This is like a look into our future. Lets hope they always treasure their special bond x

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