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Thinking Of My Family

I was going to do a post about Jallie’s increasing mobility & agility, & how it’s giving us extra problems: they are now able to climb over the Moses basket barrier we have at the Nursery door, & this morning Ellie climbed out of her cot onto the bed.

But all I can think of today is the earthquake in my home town of Christchurch, New Zealand – this time in the middle of the day. The last report I heard was 65 dead & more expected, many trapped underneath rubble, so many of the familiar landmarks that I grew up with now largely destroyed. It’s already one of the biggest disasters in New Zealand’s history.

I still have a lot of family down there & thankfully they all seem to be OK. There are still big aftershocks & a lot of them are camping under tables, etc. I’m in a slight state of shock & I wish there was more, something, anything, that I could do.

Photo via stuff.co.nz


6 thoughts on “Thinking Of My Family

  1. Some truly horrific scenes we’re seeing. Can’t imagine how devastating it must be for those living it. Glad your family are ok, hope they stay safe.

  2. Glad to hear that your family are ok. It just gives you a sense of perspective that even the furthest corners of the globe can be the ones closest to home. My thoughts are with you and your family (and of course those in Christchurch) as your concern is focused on your family and home town.

  3. Thanks all for your thoughts, & prayers. It’s a very difficult time down there, & I’ve got to the point where I feel like I have stop following the news about it: every day it gets worse. I can’t & won’t of course xx

  4. Hello you.

    I’ve been meaning to come by for ages to say thank you for your lovely blog comments and that I miss you on Twitter. Thinking of you and your family, I’m glad your loved ones are okay, but I know the aftershocks of this quake are being felt in a lot of hearts the world over, and you must feel it extra deep.

    Much love x

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