The Gallery: My Blog

Oooh, that Tara! She’s been so strict with us lately! (I like it…)

Before I get all carried away & start singing about whiplashes (again), I should explain that I’m referring to Tara Cain & her Gallery over at Sticky Fingers . The subjects she’s set us lately haven’t been so easy! I’m afraid I completely wimped out of the last 2, although for quite different reasons.

This week the theme is “My Blog”, & again I’m struggling a bit. I can’t match the conceptual exemplar that Tara provided for us as a taster, so in the end this is what I came up with:
It’s basically the stuff I use to make a blog post.

WordPress For Dummies Yep, I’m a dummy! I’ve learnt a lot, but the edition I have needs updating. I’m nearly finished too so hopefully I’ll be less of a dummy soon….

Blogging folder  Where I jot outlines, keep printouts of blog posts that give me inspiration or information, WordPress tips, etc.

CD Music is the oxygen of my soul & I almost always have music playing whenever I can. When I’m blogging I like to have something relaxing so as to be not too intrusive to my thought processes, but engaging enough to keep me in the mood. As I write this I’m listening to the late great Johnny Cash‘s last ever album, American VI: Ain’t No Grave. More often than not I’ll just put the Mellow playlist on shuffle on my:

iPod Touch which I have wired up to my HiFi off to the left for quality sound reproduction. I also write down ideas & outlines on it when I’m away from my PC, & it’s great for catching up on reading all the great blogs that I’ve subscribed too, via my (crappy) WiFi.

Fuji Finepix compact camera Not shown: I couldn’t quite figure out how to photograph it with itself; clearly I am a dummy! My Canon Videocam is there instead: I’ve used at least 1 still image from it, & I plan to add videos to my posts soon. Well, I’m excited about it, anyway! My blog is quite photo-based – I have 2 excellent subjects – so a post often starts with a photo or 2, especially with really popular memes like this & like Silent Sunday, for instance.

I’ll upload the photos from my camera via the USB lead on the right, then view them in Windows Photo Gallery (shown in half-screen) where I check them, make minor corrections like red-eye, then tag the best ones. I then open any I want to use in Picasa (shown in half-screen) where I make any more necessary corrections, sometimes crop them, compress them & add my watermark.

And, what else? Oh yeah! I write something. Conveniently, I have a keyboard attached to my PC that comes in handy for that, the mouse too.

And that’s about it.

“What about the big bottle of Jack Daniels?!”, I hear you cry. That’s my aftershave, of course!*

For more blogginess, click the pic:

* Actually that is the very same bottle of JD where I used Whiskey For Aftershave those many months ago in what now seems like another lifetime. Wine & Whiskey / Whisky tend to give me heartburn these days so I don’t indulge as much as I’d like to 😦


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