Running to Stand Still

Today is the day of the Great Midlands Fun Run. For us it was neither “Great” nor “Fun”. Most of the ‘runners’ I saw were walking, some with fags hanging out of their mouths, so “Run” is at least debatable. It probably is “Midlands” though; I’ll give it that. Hoorah!*

It goes through much of the area where  I live, near Brum.

We discovered this as we were trying to take our 14-month-old twin babies to the local leisure centre  – a 5-minute drive – for their weekly swim in the children’s pool; especially important this week as most of their usual activities were shut for half-term & they were in danger of going stir-crazy.

Our usual route was blocked for the ‘fun’ run so we took an alternative route. That was also blocked. When we asked the Securitas staff manning the barricades how we were supposed to get there they told us to follow the diversion signs. We did so & were taken further & further away from the leisure centre.

At the next road-block we asked again how we were supposed to get there. We were told to take the route we had just tried & which was blocked!

We went back there anyway & asked the same security staff to show us on our map how to get there. They then told us that access to the leisure centre was completely blocked!

At this point we were all, ahem, ‘a little bit cross’. There may have been some shouting.

As we had now had 3 different answers to the same question we took this with a grain of salt & tried to get there the long way around. After 2/3 tries we gave up & decided to head home, not least as our poor babies were becoming quite distressed: we had been driving for an hour.

We had to get more petrol; lucky for us I took a £10 note with me!

We managed to make it home without crashing any road-blocks; which to be honest by this time we felt like doing!

When we finally got home we saw why the babies were so distressed; in the delay they’d both wet themselves. They’d been sitting in a pool of their own piss, it was dripping through their swimsuits, down their legs, onto the car seats!

What sort of ‘fun’ run blocks local people from using their own council amenities on a Sunday, & causes such distress to little babies?! I don’t think they had much  ‘fun’. It ruined our weekend.

We’re furious!

What a bloody disgrace.

* sarcasm


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