The Bidding Starts at £2 Million

I take Jallie every week to a thing called ‘Busy Kids’ at a local School  / Nursery. They have activities aimed mostly at toddlers, & toys if they just want to run around & play instead.

They start with a story then we are provided with arty crafty stuff & (most importantly!) lots of bibs & wet wipes, & are then encouraged to do something creative related to the story’s theme.  Meanwhile the art host takes cute &/or embarrassing photos for us to put in a scrapbook. After some free play & refreshments they do songs (sung VERY badly by genial host Dwayne) with Makaton signing.

They usually aren’t at all interested in the art part, they just don’t seem to get it. Usually Ellie just tries to eat the crayon / paintbrush / pencil / pen / paper; & Jake looks a bit confused then wanders off to play.

But suddenly something just seemed to click – so from Busy kids I can now give you:

Jallie’s 1st Work of Art!

Move over van Gogh, we now have a new Impressionist masterpiece!

PS: It’s not actually for sale. Although if you want to offer me £2 Million I’ll at least think about it. Email me!


3 thoughts on “The Bidding Starts at £2 Million”

  1. Frame it! That picture is your pension in years to come. Thanks for your comment on the Listography. Care to share your own 5 Things? btw love the title of your blog: Whiskey For Aftershave. Conjures up a lot of images 🙂

  2. Frame it! That’s your pension right there! Thanks for commenting on the Listography. Care to share your 5 Things? btw love the name of your blog: Whiskey For Aftershave, though I’m drinking aftershave neat after seven months as a housedad, so Lordy know how you’re getting on with twins!

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