‘Phone Hacking Scandal Hits Africa!

‘Phone hacking in Africa
It’s an awful thing
The desert ‘papers love to know
Who’s had a naughty fling

It’s hard to think of something worse
Than a loss of privacy
Details of my life laid bare,
News for the world to see

Except, I do not have a ‘phone
Or email, or wi-fi
My task is finding food & water
So my children will not die

If not enough for me there is
This last gift will I give
If my going without may mean
That my children then might live

We trek towards the border
In our millions, night & day
Unless we eat & drink a bit
It’s like ‘2 Holocausts’, they say

So on & on we walk & walk
But it’s further than we think
We step over people we once knew
Who died for want of a drink

Our only thoughts as we plod along:
Will we live, my children, me?
I already left my baby girl behind
I’m too weak to carry three

But as I walk I console myself:
There are many less fortunate than me
People listening to ‘phone calls I make?
How awful that must be!

Save the Children Fund East Africa Appeal


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