Jakey See, Jakey Do?

They were 19 months on Wednesday: closer to 2 years old than they are to 1!

We were sitting in the garden just yesterday (with our coats on) wondering “How the hell did that happen?” & “Where did the time go?”.

Well, I was anyway. They were mostly stomping on the garden’s last surviving flower.

They’re at an age now where they like imitating what they see us do, & trying to do things for themselves rather than have everything done for them.

Yesterday we were all wiping the sofa with baby wipes – that Ellie had very helpfully emptied out of the full, new packet. Many of the –  mostly unidentifiable (thankfully) – stains had been there for a considerable time. And we did a pretty good job.

They also like wiping spilt drinks (& other liquids) from the floor, & their mouths after eating, & their faces in the bath. Teeth-cleaning time is now much easier.

Jake loves following me around the garden helping me water the plants. So last night he saw a watering can next to a house-plant on the stairs, & decided to pick it up & water the thirsty & neglected plant for Daddy!

I was delighted  – until I saw that, imitating what he’d seen in the garden, he was busily watering the carpet around the pot & not the soil inside it!

It’s the thought that counts? And the carpet needed cleaning anyway….


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