A Game of Two Halves?

In the wake of New Zealand’s magnificent & long-overdue World Cup victory I’m delighted to see that my twins are getting into rugby!

They’re both doing well with their communication: Ellie’s very good at saying words & she learns quickly, while Jake’s pronunciation isn’t as good but he is a better over-all communicator & is really good at signing.

So Ellie can say “rugby” pretty clearly, whereas Jake has a go but can sign not only “rugby” but also “rugby kit”.

Ellie can catch a rugby ball (albeit from a height of about an inch); Jake can’t yet but is very good at throwing it. So between them they make a pretty decent player!

They’re both pretty good at picking up the ball & running with it, usually with the other in pursuit. I must admit though I’m not used to rugby players finding it all so hilarious & laughing hysterically as they run!

The ball-carrier often ends up on the ground, with the other piling on top: proper little rugby players! Although I usually have to penalise them for not releasing the ball or not staying on their feet…

All in all Jake & Ellie have made this rugby-loving Daddy a very proud & happy man.


2 thoughts on “A Game of Two Halves?”

  1. You’ve got a very nice blog here! Your kids are so cute! I’ve got girl/girl fraternal twins (they’re 4 yrs old now) myself. Don’t worry if one of them seems to develop a skill at a later time than their sibling. Same thing happened with my girls – one would get some things a bit sooner, and the other would get around to it maybe 3 months later. They’re both bright and have no trouble in school, and are happy little kids.

    My husband is trying to teach the girls soccer (what you would call ‘football’ in the UK)! He even got them their own regulation pee-wee size pink soccer ball! Next I expect he’ll be getting them cleats and shin guards!

    Have a great weekend! (and take every opportunity to catch up on some sleep!) 🙂

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