What’s on your MP3 Player? Who Me?

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Well I have to do this one!

Considering myself tagged by the nice man over at Mutterings of a Fool, the idea of this meme is to make a blog post about the first 5 tracks that come up on your MP3 player on shuffle play. How could I resist?

My beloved iPod Touch has 8,681 tracks & counting. This means that there’s pretty much guaranteed to be a lot of variety, which I love: lots of tracks which give me: “I love this song, I’d forgotten I had it!” or “What the *%@! is this doing on my iPod?!” & everything in between. I must confess to feeling a little nervous…

So, shuffle play on, as usual, press play, & here goes:

Cat Power: Lived in Bars

Nice start, good & mellow. I love her voice: rough yet soft, wonderfully expressive. She sings sad songs beautifully, & this is a beautiful sad song.

John Ehrlich & Leigh Roberts: House (M.D.) Theme Song

I loved the use of music in House so I bought a soundtrack CD. It’s good but the songs just didn’t have the same impact when removed from their dramatic context. The theme song seems to be based on the backing for Massive Attack’s Teardrop, 1 of my all-time favourite songs. Good but not great: Next!

The White Stripes: I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself

Now we’re talking! I love Jack & Meg. How they produce such a rich, full, heavy sound with just Jack’s guitar & Meg’s banging I don’t know. This is a brilliant, intense rock reinvention of the Dusty Springfield sixties classic; I love it!

Also? The video is directed by Sofia Coppola & stars Kate Moss pole-dancing. One for the boys there, maybe…

Radiohead: Prove Yourself

Proving, as they’ve always maintained, that Radiohead’s debut album wasn’t only about “Creep”. A great album, it’s full of energetic, rhythmic, melodic rock songs, & this track is no exception. A great song from 1 of my favourite bands

J.S. Bach: Cantata #140, Wachet Auf

Bach is my favourite classical composer, a true genius. With brilliantly, wonderfully complex melodies intertwining, tumbling over & through each other, his music can be utterly relaxing, exquisitely, breathtaking beautiful, supremely passionate. This is 1 of his more relaxed melodic pieces, but no less a masterpiece.

Nice one, iPod: you didn’t let me down! (Yes, I do talk to my iPod. Yes, I probably should get out more). Starting with mellow modern, ending with mellow classical; bookending 2 great rock songs & a trip-hoppy TV theme. Not too shabby!

If you haven’t done this meme yet, consider yourself tagged!


2 thoughts on “What’s on your MP3 Player? Who Me?”

  1. Good man, glad someone took hint from my very lazy tagging! Quite a mix you have there, love the Radiohead and White stripes tracks though, If you like the White Stripes have you checked out the Black Keys? SImilar set up as a band with just two people and love their music, Their latest single Gold on your Ceiling is awesome

  2. Thanks, yeah I pride myself on having eclectic taste: I’m just slightly relieved no really naff tracks came up as I do have a few, er, ‘guilty pleasures’. I’ve got a couple of theirs, I like them but not as much as Jack & Meg. I didn’t know there were only 2 of them – really big sound; don’t know how they do it! I’ll check that 1 out thanks 🙂

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