The Things They Say & Do

Jallie are at an age now (23 months tomorrow) where they seem to say or do something new every day: living & learning with them, watching them grow & develop, is wonderful.

That’s why I usually have no shortage of ‘3 Brilliant Things’ to record daily over on my blog of that name, when I make / find the time that is.

I’d thought also to do a weekly highlights post here, & was going to call it ‘3BT Tuesday’ or something equally catchy. Then I saw that Chris over at Thinly Spread has started a weekly linky thing called “The Things They Say & Do”, where you post memorable things your children have said or done over the last week & link the post to her blog.

So I put 2 & 2 together & came up with a brilliant idea: if your daughter slags you off on facebook, don’t go on YouTube smoking a fag & shoot her laptop with your gun: not helpful*

After I got that sorted I thought it might also be good to combine my 3BT thing with Chris’ linky, so here it is:

On Tuesday Ellie copied me spinning a teaspoon around in a cup with amazing success: great fine motor skills!

On Wednesday after treading on my sore finger, with her boots on, over a wooden floor (I may have said “Ouch!” or something similar) Ellie looked straight at me & said “Sowwy Daddy”.

Jake, to me, on Thursday: “I like Ellie”.
Me: “You like Ellie?”
Jake, nodding & smiling: “Yeah”. He then walked over to her & gave her a great big hug.

Ellie yesterday, sitting on the floor after falling on her bottom: “Hello Daddy. Hello Mummy. I fell over”.

I hope Chris doesn’t mind me doing more than one! Why not have a look at the other posts there, they’re funny 🙂 

* I kid you not 


3 thoughts on “The Things They Say & Do”

  1. Aw, lovely! It’s impossible not to forgive them when they say sorry so cutely, even if you are holding back a swear word or two and turning slightly blue! Thanks so much for linking up, I hope you’ll be back next week!

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