The Things They Say and Do – Week 4

On Tuesday afternoon while we were all getting ready to go out for a walk Ellie called out: “Are you ready? Let’s go!”. That’s a 5 – count ’em: 5 – word phrase! I am a proud Dad 🙂

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During their bedtime routine Jake especially loves being read to while they have their bedtime milk. On Saturday I was reading a book that featured a mouse & blackberries, & Jake was pretending to pick the blackberries from the page & eat them, & also feed them to me. Both of us having spent a lot of the summer picking & eating them in  the garden I said to him: “You like blackberries don’t you?”; “and milk” he added,  finishing a sentence!

We had a first this morning. Jake said “Pee!” very excitedly, ran off,  then came back with a potty: the contents of which appeared to have been just added. A little star! He was very pleased with himself, & rightly so,

These are highlights from the last week’s posts of my ‘3 Brilliant Things’ where I (aim to) post 3 things every day that have made me happy, 1 of many 3BT blogs doing just that.

It is also part of Chris’ “Things They Say & Do’ blog linky over at her blog ‘Thinly Spread‘. Please have a read of the other posts there, they’re very good. I can’t hope to compete with the wit & cuteness of those posts – but keep in mind that my twins have only just turned 23 months! They’ve come a long way but still have a long way to go. But then, isn’t that true of us all?


4 thoughts on “The Things They Say and Do – Week 4”

  1. It really is amazing isn’t it! Ours also love to take part in stories too!

    Jasper and Tilly (I guess that makes me Jally Mummy!) are about 6 months older than Jake and Ellie… will make sure to keep popping in to keep up-to-date, and now following you on posterous too 🙂

  2. Aw, how lovely is that?! Were you reading Rufus and the Blackberry Monster by the way? I need to know! It’s such a good idea to keep a record of all this because it is SO amazing! x

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