The Children in the House Go Chatter, Chatter, Chatter

This was to be a post  in my ‘3 Brilliant Things‘ blog, but there were so many great things yesterday, mainly to do with communication, that I thought it deserved a post here in my main Daddying blog.

I’ve been banging on for some time, mostly in that 3BT blog, about how surprised I am at their communication skills. I don’t really know but they seem pretty good considering that they’re only 23 months old.

Ellie’s pronunciation is really good, her vocabulary seems to grow every day & she seems to learn really quickly. She’s like a parrot; she often immediately repeats a word or phrase she hears us say. Jake’s pronunciation isn’t as clear, but his (it seems to me) social awareness compensates for that.

For instance: towards the end of the day we were watching TV & I put ‘Baby Jake‘ on. Ellie, word for word & in perfect timing, copied a part of the spoken introduction, “J is for Jake, our baby brother”. A 7-word sentence! Jake then said, really clearly: “No, not again!”. He then repeated it & I then asked him if he didn’t want to watch Baby Jake & he confirmed that he didn’t. To be fair, it was a repeat…

Earlier, in the garden, we were playing a game. 1 would pretend to be stuck on the ground (it started with Ellie actually stuck, sitting with a leg folded under herself), & then the other would pretend to help them up, along with ‘Daddy’ who did the actual lifting. Great fun. Ellie was consistently saying “Daddy, Jake: I stuck!”. An original 4-word sentence, used correctly in context, & using a personal pronoun (“I” rather than “Ellie”). I’m pretty sure children that age aren’t meant to do that.

During their bedtime routine Ellie was carrying a book. She said what I’m almost certain was “I can read the big book”, then sat down & did exactly that. An original  6-word sentence, again used correctly in context, & again using a personal pronoun.

I’ve mentioned before how Jake, when the Mummy told him that he was her little baby, said indignantly: “I not a baby, I’m Jake!”

I’m constantly amazed by all this. Our little babies – who not so long ago, it seems, were just little confused, immobile, inarticulate (& often smelly) bundles  – are talking, & talking to us! We’re actually having conversations with them, & they with each other!

But I’m also a little confused. Is this normal for children of this age? Are they ahead of the curve? Or am I just looking through the rose-tinted glasses of a doting Dad? I do actually need new glasses…

What are your experiences? Are /were your children little chatterboxes, or quiet as church-mice? I’d really appreciate some feedback here.

This post is my entry for this week’s Things They Say & Do’ blog linky over at Chris’ ‘Thinly Spread‘ blog. Have a look the other posts there: they’re really good!


7 thoughts on “The Children in the House Go Chatter, Chatter, Chatter”

  1. I have know idea, but I am always thinking the same!! Tilly’s pronuciation is so much better than Jasper’s too… perhaps it’s a girl thing? But he is so very aware of things I’m not worrying at all… I do hate having a direct comparison though!

    1. You always try to treat them equally, you have to, don’t you? I can’t help but compare them though: just not in a competitive way. Maybe it’s a boy thing? Viva la difference!

      Thanks for your feedback

  2. Mine were chatterboxes and still are! Enjoy them and don’t even think about developmental stages if you can because it’s gone in a flash and suddenly they are 16! Thanks so much for joining in again, I’m really enjoying getting to know the children of my regulars!

    1. Thanks, Chris. Even though they’re nearly 2 I still feel that I’m new to all this. I’m every day amazed by what they pick up & new things they can say or do. I keep wondering if maybe they’re some sort of weird savants, & wondering if 1 day they’ll be carted off by the FBI for use in secret military projects. But then I probably read/watch too much sci-fi. Thanks for the reassurance!

      Yes, it must be fun hosting a linky, watching it grow & develop :).

  3. Hey, finally getting a chance to check out your blog and enjoying it so far. Your intro explaining the name of the blog was helpful 🙂

    I have no idea if your kids are advanced or normal, but it sounds fantastic, watching them both develop in their own unique ways with their own personalities. I guess it makes sense – people always say girls learn and develop faster and are better linguists, but boys do enough to get their message across.

    I can’t wait to start having these conversations with my daughter. She’s only 9 months old and has been crawling for a couple of weeks but the speed of her development in those 2 weeks is incredible – there’s far more understanding now than there was just a few short weeks ago.

    Fatherhood: amazing.

    1. Hi, thanks for taking the time to have as look in here.

      They do seem to have sudden spurts in development don’t they? I remember how excited we were when ours started getting mobile & becoming more communicative.

      It really is, isn’t it?

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