Dear So & So

Dear Man at the Ironmongers Next to the Nursery Who Thinks it’s Funny to Detain & Distress Young Children & Their Parents

You’re horrible.

Please stop making the world crappier than it should & could be

“May all your nails be rusty”

More-than-you-deserve regards,

Still annoyed me


Dear Jallie

When I ask, or even tell, you not to throw more food on the floor that you means you stop. It doesn’t mean you do it again deliberately. Especially with that look on your faces.

The same applies to pouring water out of the bath onto the floor, pouring drinks onto the floor / into the toy train /  onto Peppa Pig, or running away when I’m trying to dress you.

You’re 2. I get it, OK?

Love, Daddy


Dear Oh Thou Great Billjobs,  God of Technology & All Things Gadgety

You know I’m a gadget-freak & I that I love Tech. And it clearly amuses You to ensure that most of the Tech I own only half works. While it is gratifying to know that You have a sense of humour, it would be greatly more gratifying to have things in my life that I so depend on to actually do what they are supposed to.

I remain Your humble yet frustrated servant



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Dear So and So...


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