The Gallery: Colour

Stowe Gardens  in Buckinghamshire, July 2007. It’s very green.

We used to go to public gardens & National Trust sites a lot Before Jallie, & as they get older we hope to more again. This country has a wonderful heritage of beautiful gardens, parks & woodlands, stately homes & castles. And this is coming from a guy born & raised in New Zealand! I think we Brits often don’t think of our country as a major tourist destination but it really is, & most of the rest of the world I think would agree. We have a tremendous cultural  heritage of which we should be very proud, in my opinion.

These are one of my favourite public gardens, back from when we lived in Brighton. They are probably the most photogenic of any I’ve been to, & seem to be designed with that in mind. Although it was July it was a grey overcast day, but even so I got many gorgeous photos there.

It’s well worth a visit if strolling through beautiful gardens is something that floats your boat!

The theme this week for Tara Cain’s wonderful Gallery at her ‘Sticky Fingers’ blog is ‘Colours’.  Why not go have a look at other posts there, & prepare to be dazzled! Just click the pic:

I just wanted to add a note, actually. It’s occurred to me that this photo may look as if it’s been tinted or otherwise altered. I assure you this is absolutely unaltered, straight from my camera – apart from the watermark. I often click Picasa’s ‘I’m feeling lucky’ to correct over- or under-exposure but I didn’t even do that here; it looked just right. I try as much as I can to reproduce what my eye sees; heavily photoshopped or altered images are an art-form but not what I would call photographs. WYSIWYG pics! Just my opinion; everyone’s different. For more see my ‘Daddy’s Photo Policy’ page.


One thought on “The Gallery: Colour”

  1. Beautiful! There are so many different colours of green there it’s incredible! Thanks for joining us over at LoveallBlogs Travel this week! 🙂

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