Music Monday: Money

It’s been Budget week this week, so the Music Monday theme is of course: Money!

‘Music Monday’ is where I pick a theme based on current events either in the news or in my life, or failing that by clicking on ‘Random article’ in Wikipedia. I then pick a few songs based around that theme, with varying degrees of relevance, & post them here. 

So to start: maybe… a song about Money? OK then:

Team9: The Money Song 

Next up, you could say that this great 2010 R&B track sums up the Western economy of recent years in 1 phrase; maybe that’s partly why it was such a big worldwide hit:

Aloe Blacc: I Need a Dollar

Also: I’m pretty sure I used to work with the guy playing bass in this clip! At the time he was playing bass in a Brighton band called Alaska. He was a cool guy (pun intended). But he really was.

Meanwhile back in the ’80s Donna Summer was highlighting the hard life of single Mums working in low-paying long-hours jobs, where life is just 1 big struggle, sadly still relevant today:

Donna Summer: She Works Hard for the Money

And her solution? Join a Flashmob? OK, right. Moving on…

I have to shoehorn this next clip in here, not just because it’s on theme but really because it’s just utterly brilliant, an excerpt from the TV series “Extras”, featuring ‘This Woman’s Work’ by Kate Bush

That never fails to move me: so sad & so hauntingly beautiful; not to mention really well acted.

So, solutions? Well here’s a possible solution to personal overspending, from USA rockers Les Savy Fav:

Les Savy Fav: Scotchguard the Credit Card

And finally, a slightly more radical economic measure from the ever-lively Steven Tyler & co.:

Aerosmith: Eat the Rich

You never know: that one may already be pencilled into Ed Balls’ proposed first Budget…


Thoughts? Feel free to share:

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