The Last Goodbye?

At our activity group at the Nursery this morning there was lots of lively music & dancing, they banged on a proper snare drum with proper drumsticks, they rattled, they tambourined. Often sitting around looking a bit tired while aiming encouraging words at our young charges,  today even the grown-ups were joining in. The ‘Funky Monkey’ dance was especially popular.

There were bananas, raisins, toast & drinks + teas & coffees for the grown-ups, then we all trotted out to the wonderful new garden there, funded by Lottery money. We first sat around on tree stumps & rugs while the host read ‘We’re on a Bear-Hunt’. Then we then walked around the garden enacting the story.

Back inside for more music, then we had an enactment of ‘The Gruffalo’ read on CD by Imelda Staunton with a backdrop & puppets. Jake’s performance in the role of ‘Fox’ was masterly & he did an especially good job in the running away scene. And he showed extraordinary versatility in swapping roles when later running around the room scaring everyone as ‘The Gruffalo’ itself.

More music, dancing & playing, then we sang some action songs, old favourites like ‘Wind the Bobbin Up’, ‘Incey Wincey Spider’. And finally the goodbye song, addressed individually to each child.

They had an especially great time, but it was sad. Probably because it was our last ever activity / playgroup there. There were a lot of goodbyes. I wonder if the twins might have picked up on some of this as we’ve had a difficult afternoon & evening; they’ve been very grizzly, possibly unsettled.

They’ve been at these groups since they were babies, from about 6 months I think. That’s most of their lives. The staff there have watched them grow & develop, & some I think have come quite attached to them. There are some terrific & very able people there, & we’ll all miss them. Losing all this, & for we parents too losing the regular contact with other Mums & Dads, will be a huge wrench.

I hope the staff there enjoyed their chocolates.


3 thoughts on “The Last Goodbye?”

  1. Sometimes when things end a good last hurrah is the best tribute.

    Sounds like you had a good one at least.

    Best wishes for the onwards and upwards.


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