The Things They Say & Do: Tree-Fu Jake

Remember a few days ago, when we had ‘Sun’ & ‘warmth’? It seems like a long time ago now.

It had a been a lovely warm day & we’d spent much of it playing in the garden, having a great time. So I decided we could have dinner outside. It went well but it was closing in a bit & there was a chilly breeze brewing.

Ellie: “I cold”
Me: “You’re cold?”
Ellie: “Yes. Too windy”

Not exactly Shakespeare, but not bad for a 2-year-old. She’s a good little talker!

Jake is still somewhat obsessed with CBeebies’ Tree Fu Tom. So he, with me of course joining in, very helpfully did a Tree-Fu ‘warming’ spell on Ellie (that we made up).  She played along, saying that it had worked & that she was feeling warmer. Unfortunately the effects seem to have been short-lived as she soon became cold again. So we did the spell again: easy!

Then we went inside.

Jake was also using Tree-Fu magic to help the ‘planes overhead fly, but they didn’t tell us whether or not it had worked. They didn’t fall out of the sky, & that was good enough for us.

Now if only we could find that Tree-Fu spell for ‘Making Daddy’s Cough Go Away’…

This is for Chris’ ‘Things They Say & Do’ blog hop at her ‘Thinly Spread’ blog. Why not have a look at the other posts there, it’s always a good read!


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