Before and After

When it was just the two of us:

Now we are four & they are two:

Get the picture?

For The Crumby Mummy’s ‘Terrible Twosday’ blog hop. Click the pic for more!


7 thoughts on “Before and After”

  1. Oh, I can relate. When my only son was that age, he could do twice as much mess. Once, after tidying up the bedroom I went out to clean the rest of the house. Not a few minutes went by and the bedroom was turned inside out. Before I could even chastise him, he beat me to it and asked me ‘What happened here?’

  2. Where did your house go? Ours is the same! We’re in the middle of a spring clean to try and restore the balance. We’re realising that most of it is our mess but I’m sure Bob will start to contribute soon! Great post! Love how photos can say it all!

    1. They really don’t do they? I’ve tried to get them to do it but it only lasts a few seconds. We’ve now moved of course so we have a new place we can trash 🙂

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