Vote For Me!

MAD Blog Awards 2012I am running a clean campaign this year.

There will be no dirt dished on my fellow candidates. Although I have plenty. Some of you really have to watch what you tweet on Saturday night after a few too many…

No, this year I am sticking to the issues. The issues that matter. The issues that affect you & me, the ordinary people. The issues that effect us in our day-to-day lives: where we live, here, now.

So let’s look at the blue-sky thinking that my team & I have brought to the table over the last year or so:

Sport & Leisure. We looked at the contentious issue of women’s role at football matches, & decided that they shouldn’t have one.  Yes, controversial I know, but never let it be said that your Candidate is afraid of making the tough calls! “This is all your fault!” Is the football stand really the place for your other half?

Women’s Issues have featured prominently in previous campaigns also & remain at the forefront of our thinking: The Gallery: Motherhood

Transport. Our policy of sticking cute twin toddlers on trikes & leaving them to it has had a few teething problems & is still in the formative stage, I will admit. Yes, mistakes have been made – but at least you know that your Candidate is an honest Candidate! And, rest assured, good people of Bloggonia: my team & I remain fully committed to our goal of getting more children on trikes as soon as is practicable.

Health & Wellbeing. In the past we have highlighted the dangers of men putting on weight during their partner’s pregnancy; promoting healthy living & eating retains a crucial place in our Manifesto. Our policies especially encourage getting more children involved in cooking and playing with bubbles in gardens. We believe in the Feel-Good Factor! Our goal is happiness for all though humour & cuteness!

Bringing People Together In Love & Unity is what we’re about here at the Whiskey For Aftershave campaign HQ! We admire & promote togetherness even from birth, & we encourage & highlight the importance of hugging & kissing – things we could do all do with more of, I think you’ll agree.

Overseas Aid. I have tried to highlight the needs of those less fortunate than ourselves & who have been affected by, for instance, earthquakes & famine & have tried to encourage giving aid where possible.

We have also tried to provide inspiration for Dads who find themselves looking after their children alone, & have outlined our thoughts on A Communications Strategy For The 21st Century & The Importance of Live Music.

And in the hope that you, my lovely Constituents, could get to know me, your Candidate, a little better I’ve tried to tell you all a little bit more about myself.

So, my good people, in Summary: a Vote for Me is a vote for Fun, a vote for Cuteness & Laughs, for Healthy Living Through Bubbles, a Vote for Hugging & Kissing & Spreading the Love, for Families & Music & Dancing!

And free Whiskey. Don’t forget the free Whiskey. For Everyone. Which you can even use for Aftershave.

Love & kisses from your friend & Candidate,


While I blog for fun & as a record of my beloved twins’ progress, it would be a nice bonus to at least be nominated in a category or 2, like Family Fun or Family Life. And today is the last day for voting in the MADS, so if you plan to vote you should do it now! Just click on the pic above 🙂


Thoughts? Feel free to share:

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