My Son the Model

We don’t buy ‘brand’ clothes for our twins. We want them to look their best of course but we’ve always thought it was unaffordable; as a result we try to dress them well but economically.

So when I was sent some clothes from Vertbaudet to review we were delighted. Even more so when I looked at the website & found that they are actually also very reasonably priced. Affordable, fashionable children’s clothes – wonderful.

I was tempted to end the review there & just let you look at the pictures: they pretty much speak for themselves I think, even with my very basic camera.

I’ll just add though that they fit really well, the fabric is tough but nice to the touch: well-made quality clothing. The T-shirts have 3 little buttons at the back to help with putting on & taking off. And children + clothes = stains, right? They all washed out easily. And even on the white trousers, which will obviously stain more easily, they were easy to wipe away where necessary.

We particularly loved the sleeveless hoody: really stylish but also perfect for the very changeable weather here in our new Welsh home.

So as promised, here’s Jake the model:

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