They’re Still 2

The twins are 2. -ish.  I may have mentioned this.

Actually 27 months, as of today – but it stills counts. They’re still 2.

As they’ve grown up they’ve both developed a strong sense of self. They’re striving for a bit of independence.  They’ve decided that some things are “Mine”.

No, scratch that: most things are “Mine!”. Even if we’re organised enough to have 2 of everything – which we often aren’t – there are still slight disagreements about who should have what toy / snack / turn on the trampoline / etc.

And their command of the English language sufficient to negotiate their way through their lives’ many conflicting interests hasn’t quite yet managed to catch up with their knowledge of the concepts of possession, ownership & individual rights.

So instead of: “Excuse me but you appear to be in the way of where I am intent on going so would you mind moving out of the way please?” – we get a shove.

Instead of “I’ll play with the <insert toy name here> for a few minutes then you can have it after me for about the same number of minutes, OK?” we have “Mine!”, “No, mine!”, “No, mine!”  / “My turn!”, “My turn!”, My turn!”, repeat…

Then there can be a shove, or a whack. Sometimes hair-pulling, & when they’re feeling particularly stroppy pinching, sometimes even biting.

It’s not always like this I hasten to add. Often they play & share beautifully together. Mainly when they’re around other people.

But we’ve still felt the need to introduce… drum-roll please… The Naughty Step!

I’m not sure though that’s it’s been as effective as we’d hoped.

They’ve been fighting over who gets to sit on The Naughty Step. Not really what we had in mind…

When one does something the other doesn’t like it’s “Naughty ‘tep!” “Naughty ‘tep!”.

Ellie made her toy bunny wabbit sit on The Naughty Step. After she’d grabbed his paw & hit Jake with it.

Still at least she’d grasped the concept, I suppose.

Yep, they’re still 2!

For The Crumby Mummy’s ‘Terrible Twosday’ blog hop. Click the pic for more!


5 thoughts on “They’re Still 2”

  1. I thought that Bob had fully reached the terrible twos as we now have tantrums and hitting but, after reading this, you have made me realise that there is much more to come! I have a strong feeling that the terrible twos may continue for many years to come. Oh dear! Thanks for linking up! Hope you are well!

  2. Your two are a very similar age to Little A who arrived end of Jan 2010. Now this post really made me laugh. The fact that they are arguing over who gets to sit on the naughty step says it all! I’ve started to introduce a ‘time out/thinking’ cushion with mixed results …. but I think it will become alot more useful as she gets that little bit older. At the moment I only use it for things like hitting etc. Ps I will get around to doing the music meme you tagged me in months ago. I’m just crap.

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