He didn’t, did he?

So this evening they’re fighting over a toy (a plastic mobile ‘phone): Ellie has it, Jake wants it. Ellie running, Jake chasing: “It’s mine! ” I want it!” “It’s mine!” I…. ”

The usual.

Ellie seems to take pity on Jake, announces that she’s giving it him, & does so. (Whispers: Yes, they are learning to share!).

Cue Daddy, to Jake: “Wasn’t that nice of Ellie? Why don’t you say ‘Thank you’ to Ellie?”

To which he replied: “Thank you to Ellie”.

Surely not. He didn’t did he? Actually mean that as a deliberate joke?

He’s always had a highly developed sense of humour, but that…?

Anyway, I fell about laughing; it was a great joke, whether intended or otherwise. Jake was laughing too, but unfortunately I couldn’t tell if he was laughing ‘cos he made a great joke or just laughing sociably with me. Or both.

Never a dull moment with 2(1/2)- year-old twins!



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