You Know You Watch Too Much Children’s TV When…

You hear yourself saying that your favourite Oasis song is ‘(What’s the Story) Balamory‘.

You are considering entering Mastermind with ‘Peppa Pig‘ as your specialist subject.

You have actually played ‘Snog, Marry, Avoid’  with CBeebies presenters.

(Katie, Nina, Misha –  in case you’re wondering).

You know how to turn the magic on.

You sometimes find yourself strangely attracted to animated talking butterflies.

You have on more than one occasion said to your children: “If you want to jump up & down in muddy puddles you must first put on your boots”.

Your favourite nature documentaries are ‘Andy’s Wild Adventures’ & ‘Octonauts‘.

When you pass men at work in the street you have an overwhelming urge to shout “I’M DIGGING UP THE ROAD!”.

…and have.

You feel oddly satisfied that Ringo Starr has taught you a lot of interesting facts about trains.

You find yourself saying, for no apparent reason, strange things like “Din’saur!”, & “I am rather an expert at this sort of thing.”.

You have to spend a considerable amount of time on google before being convinced that Kevin out of ‘Blue’s Clues‘ is not in fact Craig Charles.

You realise that for the last 10 minutes you have been singing ‘bing bong bing, bingelly bongelly boo’ without realising it, & can only stop yourself by instead singing very loudly about the sea & the sky.

You know all the words to the CBeebies goodnight song. And what it takes to be a Jimmer-Jammer.

You suspect that Postman Pat has a secret, dark past – & have discussed your various theories about it on several occasions.

You think that Dora the Expl… Oh hang on: that thing with the little Scottish girl & her talking spider is on – gotta go!


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