What’s in a Name? (Part 2)

Do you know it took us over 2 years to twig that in naming them Jake & Ellie we may have subconsciously named our children after the Blues Brothers?

Both of us love not only the film but also its music. Jake & Ellie / Jake & Elwood. Although I’m pretty sure that ‘Elwood’ wouldn’t have been our first choice for a 2nd boy.

Seriously – 2 years!

We, or at least I, have a dilemna of a different sort now.

They’re 2 years & 8 months now. They’re not babies any more, & for some time now have taken great offense at being called that. From virtually as soon as he could talk Jake would indignantly tell us: “I not a baby, I Jake!” whenever we used the B word.

So we now call them toddlers. But, hang on – isn’t ‘toddling’ that thing they do when they’ve just learnt to walk & are still very unsteady on their feet? When they don’t so much as walk but move forwards with their feet going as far sideways as they do forwards, & fall on their plump little bottoms a lot?

They definitely don’t ‘toddle’ any more. They haven’t ‘toddled’ for a long time. Now they walk, they run, they sidestep, they jump, they climb, they roll.

In fact we had our first “I’m not a toddler!” from Jake at dinner-time tonight.

So what are they then? Pre-schoolers? They’re not even at Nursery yet – we’re planning that for next year after they turn 3 – so aren’t they a bit young for that still?

Maybe it doesn’t matter, but so many toys & other children’s products are labelled as for ‘babies’, ‘toddlers’ or ‘pre-schoolers’, & I’m not sure what ours are anymore!

So what do you /did you call yours at a similar age? Does it matter?

Whatever they are, & whatever they become, to us they’ll always be our Jake & Ellie. I just feel privileged to be able to share in their journey.

After all, everybody needs somebody to love, right? (Sorry, couldn’t resist…)


2 thoughts on “What’s in a Name? (Part 2)”

  1. Love reading your posts! I work in a preschool with 2-5 year olds so I can relate to a lot of things you put on here even though I don’t have my own children! My mum (rose dowers) also says hi 😀

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