From the Mouths of Babes?

The little town we live in is so small  – and you won’t believe this – that it doesn’t even have a Domino’s Pizza! Shocking, I know!

Even worse, the nearest one isn’t in delivery range so we have to drive to the nearby Big Town for our occasional takeaway pizza (& ice-cream) fix.*

We were driving back from there, to the soundtrack of little voices coming from the back seat saying “I can smell pizza: yum!”.

The Mummy made an observation: “It may sound awful, but you can tell something about a place when it has a giant Mecca Bingo”.

Ellie, always curious about our conversations, says: “What, Mummy?”.

The Mummy: “Oh, Mummy’s just being a bit……”,  pausing to search for the right word.

Ellie, ever helpful: “bossy”.


I won’t comment. I have all my appendages & I plan to keep it that way.

At least the Mummy found it as funny as the rest of us!

* The pizza’s OK, but the dip is as addictive as crack-cocaine. Even Jake likes it. Also, the ice-cream is Ben & Jerry’s.



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