To pee, or not to pee…

Er, yes: that’s a good effort but maybe you could try again?

I just read this really good & really funny post by Tom in ‘Dairy of the Dad’ about his struggle with the dreaded potty-training.

We may have the same trouble ahead as Jallie are due in Nursery in March & so will need to be fully potty-trained; as yet they’re only part-way there.

The ‘live stand-up demonstration’ stuff really made me laugh, & reminded me of similar experiences we’ve had here.

The locks on our loo doors, even if they have any, never seem to work too well so this sort of training went on naturally; we didn’t need to organise any sort of formal demonstration. It kind of just happened, whether we liked it or not.

Jake just seemed very pleased to see how a real man (ahem) does it.

But when Ellie ran in & ‘caught me in the act’ she was shocked.

Jumping up & down, running off to tell Mummy, her reaction was: “HE’S HOLDING THE PEE! HE’S HOLDING THE PEE!”.

As preparation for her using the potty: probably utterly useless. But at least she learnt something I guess!



6 thoughts on “To pee, or not to pee…”

  1. Thanks for the mention! I wish you good luck in your pee-holding quest. See you on the other side; if that happens to be in the gents we’ll talk afterwards. 😉

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