Guest posts are like London busses

There aren’t any for years, & then 3 come along at once!

First there was that lovely man “Session Blogger”,  aka Simon. He has a great music blog & he asked me to contribute to his “The Early Nineties Were Easier” theme. He loves the music of that time & asked me to write about the band I was most into then; you can find that post here.

He then only went & asked me to write another post for him! Didn’t you read the first one, Simon? I love writing about music, so I did it. The theme for this one is “Something old, something new, something borrowed, (something blue) – what I’ve been listening to recently”. A clever idea, & one I really enjoyed taking part in! That post is here.

Both of these themes are open to all, as is the blog as a whole, so if you want to contribute just let the man know! I love the concept of the “Session Blog”‏ – it’s a great platform for anyone who wants to join in & write about the music they love, & is starting up a great little community of like-minded people. You could say it’s what blogging & social media is all about!

I was also privileged to be featured on the terrific Brit Mums Blog, with what I like to think is one of my better – or at least more thoughtful, & passionate – posts: “What We Can Learn From Jimmy Savile“. Which, you’ll be pleased to know, isn’t actually about Jimmy Savile.

So, have a read if you want, & while you’re there have a look around at the great content on those 2 great blogs.

“Next stop please, driver!”


Thoughts? Feel free to share:

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