A Tribute

I was going to write a post about messy play today.

But I can’t.

Instead I have to pay tribute.

A week ago today the UK parent blogging community was devastated by the terrible tragedy of a loving mother losing her 9-month-old baby girl. Since then little Matilda Mae, through her mother Jennie’s outpourings of grief & love on her blog & on other social media, has deeply touched thousands of people; not just here, but all over the world.

She seems to have found some comfort, however small,  in pouring her heart out online, writing & sharing, & in the support she has here, & in that we can take heart.

Last night she found herself having to relive the terrible events of the week before. It was about 7pm when she held & fed her daughter for the last time, & comforted her to sleep in her cot as usual.  A short time later when returning to check as usual she came face to face with every parent’s worst nightmare. She was pouring out her heart & remembering her beautiful little girl in old blog posts, pictures, stories.

Messages of support were flooding in as she expressed her grief, loss & love.

One of them was from a wellwisher who also expressed their condolences for another mother, in North Carolina, who just that night had suffered the same terrible loss.

You could fully understand that in her great grief that she might not even notice. Or if she did just not feel able to respond.

But notice she did. And respond she did. With this:

“I am so so sorry for your loss. We lost our 9 month old daughter one week ago tonight to #sids If I can be of any help?”

In her hour of great grief – she’s offering help & support!

I was flabberghasted by such a selfless act of love for someone she had never met, & probably never will. Probably the only thing they have in common is their loss.

Words fail me.

If only more of us were like this amazing woman.

Little Matilda Mae is leaving such a legacy; a legacy that will live on in all those, so many, of us who have been touched by her through her mother’s unselfish, unconditional love.

Rest in peace Matilda Mae, & may your loving mother – along with her family & all those affected by such tragedy – also find the peace she so deserves.


4 thoughts on “A Tribute”

  1. Beautful post. I feel like I have lost a niece. When Joseph was born at 27 weeks he would have been called Matilda. We, on medical advice, made the heartbreaking decision not have more children. When Jennie fell pregnant and named her baby Matilda it brought me comfort. That another 27 weeker mum had her pride and joy, her Matilda.

    I know we are all devastated and to see us all coming together is just amazing.

    Thank you so much for linking to the precious star fund, and for all you retweets on Twitter too.

    Kylie xxx

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