A funny thing happened on the way to the forum (#TeamHonk)

You know how you read a blog post and you think “Wow that’s great!” then you read the bit where it says “Why don’t you join us?” and you get all excited & you say “Yes! I will!” so you write a comment and send off an email…

Climbing mountains is a very serious business you know
Climbing mountains is a very serious business you know

Then you wake up the next morning and realise that you’ve agreed to CLIMB A BLIMIN’ GREAT MOUNTAIN?!


Yes, I’m joining those crazy cats at #TeamHonk to climb up Mount Snowdon in North Wales.

And yes, I probably am mad.

It is however, as they say, for a good cause: none other than Red Nose Day.

So if you feel moved to send a few kind numbers with a ‘£’ in front of them I would be very grateful.

And I promise not to use any of it to buy the plasters. You know, which I will inevitably need. For the painful blisters on my feet. From all that walking. Up steep, sharp rocks. In the cold, & the driving rain. In the dark. With all those bears and mountain-lions. And the Yeti.

OK, it’s possible that I may be exaggerating, a little. There aren’t any lions in Wales, obviously. But I expect it will be cold & wet. And I am worried about the Yeti. And I am starting to wonder what I’ve gotten myself in for.

Snowdon Climb Sponsor me!

So to make it all worthwhile you can sponsor me here (click the pic):

And, yes: that is an old photo there. Thanks for asking….

You of course are also welcome to join us! For a start I need someone to carry my stuff: that massive barbecue set & all those crates of beer aren’t going to get to the top by themselves!

There are at least 17 of us so far so you’ll be in good company. And I’m really looking forward to finally meeting some of these odd people from my computer screen that I keep reading about.

It’s all happening on March 2nd, so watch this space!


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