Mama Weer All Potty Now!

It’s Potty Training Week here at the Jallie Shack!

So I wouldn’t advise reading this while eating…

We stuck them in pants on Saturday morning. Ellie was totally accepting, but Jake wasn’t having it. They had a reward chart each & every time they asked to use the potty they got a star sticker, then a reward of Maltesers or Smarties after 7 times. All the while we were pumping them full of as much diluted apple juice as they could take!

They were doing well in their scary new nappiless world, & Jake had become more enthusiastic about wearing pants, but there were the inevitable accidents. Which was when we realised we didn’t have enough pants, nor even tissues & paper towels. So the Mummy made an emergency dash to the shops while I manned the fort. She returned bearing gifts! They were doing so well they got them straight away: a shopping basket with toy groceries for Ellie & a mix & match Tumble family thing for Jake. They were pleased.
We were thinking we’d keep them at home after the weekend instead of going to playgroup but they were doing so well we felt completely confident sending them in their pants! By Monday Ellie was there! She was aware of when she needed to go, pulling down trousers & pants to both pee & poo,  cleaning herself, then pulling her pants & trouser back up all by herself!  Also Karen at playgroup is really experienced & has helped loads of kids toilet-train.

Jake has seemed a bit scared of pooing on the potty but now is fine. They’ve even been dry overnight the last couple of nights.

It must mean a lot to them: this morning they grabbed a couple of colouring pens (actually my highlighters!), asked for some paper then drew this:


I loved it as they were drawing together, swapping pens & chatting away.

Can you guess what it is? They told us:


They then showed it to Karen when I took them in. Who then fell about laughing.

It’s not every day that anyone gives you a picture of their pee. Even on Valentine’s Day.

I think it helped that we left it ’til they were a bit older; also that their friends at playgroup haven’t been in nappies for a while.

I’m really proud of them: they’re like proper little grown-ups! It is a bit sad as well though: it seems as if they’ve shaken off the last vestige of babyhood

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I love you Daddy

I’ve done a poo!

Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

And in case you’re wondering about the bad spelling in the title…


9 thoughts on “Mama Weer All Potty Now!”

  1. Happy days all around then! It’s never sad to leave the nappy stage behind…soooo many positives and, well, no negatives other than the odd ‘mishap’. Love the pee picture too 😉

  2. Crikey, I have this all to come with our twins. However, I’m slightly ahead of the game in that I’ve just gone through it with my 3 year old. We waited to potty train him until he was 3 too – more for medical reasons than anything else, however he picked it up really quickly. I think it’s to do with the fact that at that age, they understand a little better – which goes a heck of long way to helping!

    Congratulations though, it’s a massive milestone!

  3. Gah WordPress just ate my comment!

    Anyhoo what I was going to say was, congratulations! I’ve just achieved this milestone with my three year old and the independence that comes with it is liberating, to say the least. We also waited until he was 3 to potty train, more for medical reasons than anything, but it proved to be a good choice, as he took to it much quickly.

    I’m secretly dreading potty training the twins!

    1. We’ve been struck how grown up they’ve been lately; they really are a lot smarter at this age. Hopefully your twins’ potty training will go as smoothly as ours then!

      My blog is set up so that all first time commenters have their comment put in a moderation queue – it helps deal with spam – so that’s probably what happened. And why I now have 2 comments from you!

      1. Does that officially make me a spammer O.O? My apologies! Patience is definitely not one of my virtues.

        I do agree with how much older they appear to be, once they’ve mastered the potty. My three year old seems to have developed the attitude of a fifteen year old, alongside the responsibility of controlling his own bladder. Next he’ll be sleeping until midday and hiding things beneath his bed!

        1. Don’t! Ellie already has attitude enough :O

          You’re not a spammer! When you don’t see your comment it’s natural to assume there’s been a technical fault. I do it a lot; in fact I’m going to turn that feature off & see what happens

  4. It’s a relief when it’s over with isn’t it? It wasn’t actually as bad as I was expecting in the end and for us waiting til later and also doing them separately was definitely the best decision for us. It’s sooo good to only have one left in nappies now – it’s saving us a fortune! x

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