The Definitive Guide to Potty Training

002-11. Buy stuff

2. Wait until they’re nearly 3

3. Enjoy your new nappy-free life

Any questions?



7 thoughts on “The Definitive Guide to Potty Training”

  1. My guide is exactly the same but with an extra item: think on your feet, invent/buy tiny little bribes and while at it buy yourself chocolate, hide it, eat it when frustrated and after wiping wee off the floor (just make sure you wash your hands first).

    It’s going well so far, apart from my weight but less nappies to carry around means I am allowed an extra few grammes, no?

    1. Haha, yes, absolutely!

      I’m being a bit glib: obviously there’s a little more to it.

      We have been really surprised though at how smoothly it’s gone, & I think the major factor is waiting ’til they they are older & more mature.

      Good luck 🙂

      1. Yeah, we’ve had halfhearted attempts before but this time it’s all being led by her and she is really proud every time she wees in the potty or in the toilet. She’ll be 3 in June and I think the fact that she understands more at this age has really helped. The dermatologist wanted her out of nappies months ago but it just didn’t work back then. Good luck to you too!

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