How to break the heart of a 2-year-old boy

It’s easy!

Stick this on the cover of your children’s magazine:


He thought it was an iPad – just for him! He was so excited.

When he saw it was made of plastic, hollow, & nothing happened when you pushed the buttons…


He cried.

We’re now going to have to buy him a LeapPad2 for his birthday in March. And another for Ellie, of course, in order to avoid World War 3. (It’s a twin thing)

Thanks a bunch CBeebies! Yes, Mr Tumble: I’m looking at you! Can I send you the bill?

He got over it.

And we would probably have bought them anyway.

So I’ll let you off, this time.

Just watch it, right? You & that spotty bag aren’t scaring anyone…

UPDATED: Ellie got hold of this after I’d left it out for this post. She seemed intent on expressing Righteous Wrath on behalf of her wronged brother. All she wanted to do with it was to rip out & rip up as much of the notepaper inside as she could! And she did.


6 thoughts on “How to break the heart of a 2-year-old boy”

  1. Our big problem with those is they tend to be quite flimsy and break pretty quickly. Which also tends to result in tears. Heather is currently resolutely holding on to a purple shiny pretend Blackberry that she decorated with stickers, even though it’s cracked and drips water.

    It might have to go in the “special drawer” soon…

    1. They are usually pretty filmsy aren’t they? Jallie don’t seem to mind too much though, there always seems to be something new or an old favourite to take their attention. Costwise we’ve had some good mileage out of magazine toys


  2. My twins have grown wise to this tacky plastic con too. Instead they completely ignore them and go straight for wherever my own phone is lurking. This has resulted in it becoming very temperamental, due to the drool and general yucky stuff they’ve smeared all over it. The downside is I’m not due an upgrade until 2014!

    The LeapPad is pretty groovy though, if a bit expensive. I got one for the 3 year old and had to prise it off him, so I could play!

    1. We’ve been having fights over ‘phones & my iPod Touch for as long as I remember, especially with Gadget Boy (aka Jake). Now that he knows how to use my iPod, my PC & the Mummy’s laptop it’s even worse!

      That good eh? Good to know, thanks 🙂

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