How to make £1 go a very long way

What can you get for £1 in these days of cuts, recession & austerity?

Go to a Poundstretcher-type shop & get something that’s useful but for only a short time? And is probably half horse? Perhaps.

Half a lager, or a small glass of wine? I don’t know about you but I’d rather have a pint, or a large one.

A supermarket trolley? Yes, fun for a while, but you really should give it back

An hour’s parking in town? I usually need more.

A bus ride? Sure, I love standing out in the cold & rain for ages until 3 turn up at once, then sitting on a pile of chewing gum surrounded by schoolkids sharing the latest tasty beats on their ‘phones at max volume.

A loaf of bread? A pint of milk? Fair enough; we all need food & drink.

But I have a better idea.

£1 could pay for a child in Uganda to be tested for malaria.

It could Save. A. Life.

Just £1.

For a child’s life.

I call that a bargain.

£1 could buy books for the children Mummy Barrow from #TeamHonk met in Ghana recently. Enough for a whole year.

5 £1s could pay for a vaccine to help protect a child in Malawi against killers like tetanus & hepatitis B. Saves A Life.

A life-saving vaccine

Or buy a mosquito net to protect against malaria-carrying mosquitoes. Saves A Life.

30 £1s could train a volunteer to provide support & advice to an isolated elderly man or woman in the UK.

That’s why I’m doing what I’m doing this weekend: climbing Mount Snowdon in north Wales with a bunch of other parent bloggers for Comic Relief. It’s bonkers. It was -13 on the weekend with high winds. There was snow. It’s 1 kilometre UP. We’re wearing red pants.

But if we can Save A Life, many lives, help people who badly need our help, then it will be worth it.

So will you join me?

I have over 500 followers on twitter alone. If all of you just gave £1 think of what we could do!

All you have to do is click the pic:

Snowdon Climb Sponsor me!

So what do you say?

Just £1.

Or you could enjoy one of those lovely horsemeat lasagnes. It’s up to you 🙂


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