Our usual potty routine here is that after Jake or Ellie have done a pee we give them a tissue so they can wipe their bits, which they then give back to us to put in the bin.

When they started using the potty we left a box of tissues nearby. Apparently however pulling  all the tissues out one by one & scattering them all over the room is tremendous fun. So we stopped doing that.

This afternoon it’s business as usual: Jake is carrying out his newly acquired skill with customary aplomb. He finished  & stood up, so as usual I went to get him a tissue & offered it to him.

I then heard: “No, I don’t need it: I’m doing this!”

Now that’s often a worrying thing to hear at the best of times.

Turning around with some trepidation…

I found him drying himself with a toy hairdryer.

Ellie followed suit soon after.

You have to admire their creativity at least!


7 thoughts on “Creativity”

  1. Like an air bidet? Sounds good to me. My kid is obsessed with wiping with TP. He likes to unroll it, and basically just sit there wiping again and again.

    And that’s the magic of being able to observe a child. The newness of wiping pee pee off your junk is as fascinating as a bike ride, eating a cookie and watching rain falling from the sky. Makes you realize how many things in life have become so automatic we no longer realize they are there.


    1. Yeah just like that! One of the reasons I love being a Dad, getting to see the world again as if for the first time through your children’s eyes

      Thanks for reading & commenting 🙂

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